Warranty Information and CodeOne Extended Warranty Plans

Code is committed to excellence in every way. Our dedication to providing an outstanding level of service and forging close working relationships with our customers has enabled us to establish an outstanding reputation for service and support, something we call CodeOne.

CodeOne offers customers a variety of service and support options designed to make the most of your hardware investment. Customers who purchase Code products may choose from a three-tier (Standard, Plus and Premier) Service Plan that meets their unique support and response time requirements.


CodeOne Standard Plan CodeOne Plus Plan
CodeOne Premier Plan
Access to Code's Knowledge Database Included Included Included
Access to Code's Advanced Support Portal Not Included Included Included
Factory Defect Coverage Included Included Included

Warranty Period

(The CR900FD and CR1400 come standard with the maximum warranty period of 5 years and the CR8000 comes standard with a maximum warranty period of 1 year)
CR900FD: 5 Years
CR1000: 2 Years
CR1400: 5 Years
CR2300: 1 Year
CR2600: 3 Years
CR3600: 2 Years
CR4405: 1 Year
CR8000: 1 Year
CodeXML® Modem: 3 Years
CR900FD: 5 Years
CR1000: 3 Years
CR1400: 5 Years
CR2300 2 Years
CR2600: 4 Years
CR3600: 3 Years
CR4405: 2 Years
CR8000: N/A
CodeXML® Modem: 4 Years
CR900FD: 5 Years
CR1000: 4 Years
CR1400: 5 Years
CR2300: 3 Years
CR2600: 5 Years
CR3600: 4 Years
CR4405: 3 Years
CR8000: N/A
CodeXML® Modem: 5 Years
(Not including Cables and Batteries)
Follows Product Follows Product Follows Product
Non-covered repairs during warranty period (includes accidental damage and abuse)
Lost/Theft Replacement Not Included Not Included One-time: $*
RMA Turnaround Time 14 days 7 days 1 day **
GoLive Support No Discount 10% Discount 20% Discount
Discount on Replacement Accessories No Discount 10% Discount 20% Discount
GoLive Support
On-Site Technical Support
Fixed fee per day (2 day minimum)
3 Business Days of Hotline Support
Fixed fee
On-Site Training
Fixed fee per day plus travel

Note: CodeOne Service Plan descriptions are USA specific. Please contact sales@codecorp.com for CodeOne International Service Plan information.

Terms and Conditions
- Pricing and specifications subject to change without notification
- Pricing is on a per unit basis
- Warranty periods are not extendable beyond 5 years
- Extended warranty must be purchased within 90 days of product purchase date
- Cables and protective covers have a 90 day warranty on factory defects
- Batteries have a 2 year factory defect warranty and are not extendable. Battery capacity is warranted for 90 days
- Chargers, Handles, Battery Handles (excluding battery), Power Supplies, and Stands follow product warranty periods. Accessories are repaired or replaced with refurbished units at Code’s discretion
- Repairs include all parts, labor and materials
- Warranty periods are not extended or restarted upon delivery of a refurbished or repaired unit
- RMA turnaround time is exclusive of shipping time or delays, all units are shipped ground unless notified otherwise Included travel is for the 48 Continental United States
*Original product serial number is required to be registered with Code. Replacement units are repaired or replaced with refurbished units at Code’s discretion
**If customer has purchased the Premier Plan, then prior to advance shipping of a replacement unit the end user must work with Code Support personnel to troubleshoot the reader. In many cases, Code Support personnel can recover the reader without the need for RMA. Upon Code Support personnel’s approval, advanced shipping of replacement unit will occur within 1 business day with approval prior to 2PM MST. Units with custom software or custom configuration could take 2 business days to ship. Units are shipped ‘ground’ method, unless notified otherwise
- Other terms and conditions may apply. Please reference the warranty section in the product User Manual