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Nov 16 2012
2012 - November Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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Most important to Code is providing outstanding service and support to our partners & end-users, which is why Code has partnered with several key premier level distributors. Our relationships with BlueStar, Synnex and Metropolitan Sales ensure that the level of support we provide isn’t compromised.
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NRF Convention & EXPO
Jan 13 - 16, 2013
Jacob K. Javits Conv. Center
New York City, NY
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*Expo Hall passes available:

CR1000The CR1000 features the same aggressive scan engine that Code has become known for in an innovative, ergonomic, compact and lightweight design that takes up limited workspace without compromising barcode reading performance. With features like in-stand reading, motion detection, full omnidirectional reading and a snappy scan engine, the CR1000 is an ideal reader for integration into retail, healthcare, kiosk environments and where a limited workspace exists and robust reading is needed.

CortexRMCortexRM is a remote management tool designed to give IT administrators the visibility to provide diagnostic monitoring, configuration management, asset tracking and more to a single Code barcode reader, or a fleet of readers, no matter where it is located or how it is connected to the network. Whether it is tethered or wirelessly connected to the network, CortexRM™ will lower the total cost of ownership of Code readers by reducing deployment costs and downtime by managing thousands of readers at one time, all from a centralized location.

CodeOneCode is committed to excellence in every way. Our dedication to providing an outstanding level of service and forging close working relationships with our customers has enabled us to establish an outstanding reputation for service and support, something we call CodeOne. CodeOne is a three tiered service plant that offers customers a variety of service and support options designed to make the most of their hardware investment. Customers can select from plans that include extended warranties, discounts on accessories, advanced replacements, and more.

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