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May 28 2013
2013 - May Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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Industry Solutions
Event Management
Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East
Pennsylvania Con. Center
Philadelphia, PA
June 18-20, 2013

CR900FDThe CR900FD is an entry-level, area imaging barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities. The CR900FD features full omnidirectional reading of standard 1D barcodes, and gives users the option to upgrade to 2D or stacked barcode reading – and now for a limited time – users can receive up to a $30 instant rebate on a CR900FD and 2D barcode reading license! Making the CR900FD more affordable than ever. Promotion ends June 30, 2013. For complete rebate information, contact us at

Government SolutionsCode barcode readers are used in the law enforcement and government communities to gather information more efficiently and effectively. The use of the Code readers are used in eCitation, eCrash Reports, Roadside Checks, Chain-of-Custody, Asset Tracking Networking, Department of Defense IUID programs and more. We offer customized solutions, for easy integration into information and enterprise systems - whatever the application.

Code barcode readers will allow barcoded data to be populated into any application from any state driver license, regardless of current or future AAMVA standards, making Code barcode readers the most cost-effective and future-proof barcode readers on the market.

Glare Reduction TechnologyCode barcode readers are built to last and withstand the cleaning agents used in most industries, particularly healthcare where disinfecting products used in patient care are necessary to avoid cross contamination.

Code readers are built with Lexan plastic housings, which has allowed Code to design compact, ergonomic, yet rugged barcode readers that are lightweight enough to be integrated into any industry and used in mobile workflow processes with ease. Lexan is also flame retardant, scratch resistant, weatherable, biocompatible and meets stringent FDA requirements.

The versatility of Lexan has also allowed Code to design a wide range of barcode readers that all have 'drop shock' specifications of 5' or higher and IP Seal ratings up to 65, which give an added level of protection for the barcode reader against drops, dust and water which is often essential in high-use retail environments.

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