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Aug 12 2013
2013 - July Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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Las Vegas, Nevada
August 5th - 7th

ScanSourceWe are pleased to announce increased ordering options for Code’s product line!

Effective August 1st, ScanSource will distribute Code’s entire product line. The ScanSource sales team is committed to providing the sales and support our resellers need to be successful in offering Code products. For additional information, please contact or your ScanSource sales representative.

CR900FDCode offers a full line of area imaging barcode readers to quickly parse data from both 1D and 2D barcodes. For retailers not quite ready to upgrade to 2D reading, offer them the CR900FD - an entry-level, area imaging barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities. The CR900FD features full omnidirectional reading of standard 1D barcodes, and gives users the option to upgrade to 2D or stacked barcode reading at a later date - with the purchase of a license key, all at a laser scanner price.

Take advantage of $30 instant rebates on a CR900FD and 2D barcode reading license! Making the CR900FD more affordable than ever. Promotion ends September 30, 2013. For complete rebate information, contact us at

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Many customer support inquiries are best handled by Code’s ‘front-line’ Application Engineering team and the more complex issues, such as programming and custom configurations are handled by the Back-line team. To ensure all inquiries are handled in a timely manner, please send your support requests to and depending on the complexity of the request a Front-line or Back-line Application Engineer will respond.

For online product support options, visit

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