Code Reader™ 5000AV
Age Verification Barcode Readers

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Code Reader™ 5000AV

Designed specifically to protect retailers from giving unauthorized access to age-restricted merchandise, the CR5000AV quickly and reliably determines customer eligibility by decoding barcoded AAMVA-compliant driver licenses and military identification cards. With accurate, on-the-spot reading the CR5000AV is a stand-alone solution that does not require a PC or manual management of data to alert a clerk of an underage patron.

The CR5000AV web-based Configuration Tool provides an easy-to-use solution for retailers to generate a customized barcode to configure the CR5000AV to process numerous age-restricted products with varied legal age requirements. Using the same Configuration Tool, retailers can create a password to lock their reader, giving retailers an additional level of security by preventing unauthorized modifications to the reader’s settings.

For additional efficiency, businesses may select to store time-stamped scanned data on the reader’s non-volatile memory – ensuring legislation compliance, or have the CR5000AV serve the dual purpose of age verification and point-of-sale barcode reading.

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