CIOReview Magazine Names Code Barcode Scanning Most Promising Data Capture Tech.

Code Named Most Promising Data Capture Solutions Provider

Pioneering the Data Capture Solutions of Tomorrow Today

"It is inspiring to see innovation emerge from stressful times," says Bruce Scharf, VP of Product at Code Corporation, the leading data capture solutions provider. The stress Scharf referenced? That was watching brick-and-mortar retailers grapple with the chaos created by COVID-19. The pandemic triggered stores to quickly adopt contact-free shopping. Thus, innovative startups began thriving by offering retailers scan-and-go smartphone apps powered by Code’s barcode scanning technology. Although app users skipped checkout lines, promoting social distancing, they bought nearly 15-20% more each trip. This success is highly indicative of Code’s agility in embracing and supporting new technologies with its data capture expertise.

With its comprehensive suite of barcode scanning software and hardware, Code dominates data capture thanks to its designing and manufacturing experience honed over two decades. As a result, the company excels at catering to the wired and wireless needs of businesses in—or working with—healthcare, IT, manufacturing, federal agencies, entertainment, retail, and OEMs, just to list a few verticals.

"Historically, Code has been the choice of scanning solutions for various applications. Our decode algorithms and products are engineered for flawless accuracy and precision," expresses Scharf.

Code’s signature technology,, is at the heart of every product. Via CortexDecoder’s robust decoding algorithms, Scharf and his teams create products that perform elaborate image enhancement and processing to specifically scan a barcode. In fact, the company holds 149 patents related to barcode scanning, enabling Code to provide some of the most cutting-edge, innovative optics technology. And it’s not hype; the company’s products read more than 40 barcode types effortlessly, regardless of how shiny or low contrast a product’s surface is. "We also have optics for direct part marking (DPM), which stems from decades of development at the company to achieve fast and accurate decoding with CortexDecoder," adds Scharf.

Code also shines in healthcare and logistics. With its web, mobile, and embedded software development kits (SDK), the company supports nurses and shopfloor professionals with impeccable mobile scanning, whether reading a patient’s vinyl ID wristband or damaged barcodes on distressed cardboard. The information gathered by each device is then safely captured and seamlessly transmitted to the hospital’s electronic health record and logistics systems. Moreover, Code stresses the need for improved data management within its clients’ ecosystems because of the massive quantity of information that is generated daily. The company assists customers and partners in adopting better data management practices through its solutions while, at the same time, offering resolutions to their supply chain hindrances.

Further highlighting Code’s capabilities and customer-first culture, Scharf points to CortexDecoder going global. For example, high-performance barcode scanning helped German startups like and reshape customer service and boost store revenues via self-checkout apps. Code also enabled machine designs to be more adaptable. A prime example is Turkey’s Çizgi Teknoloji and its , which use Code hardware to help airline passengers locate terminals by barcode. To stem virus transmission, Code supported Çizgi in revising the kiosks to offload hospital staff and encourage social distancing. Via barcode, the kiosks provide directions, documents, and test results. In every instance, Code ensured frictionless scanning and licensing appropriate for their clients’ business models regarding internet access, open or closed systems, and other needs.

With such innovative and dedicated efforts toward creating intelligent data capture solutions, Code is successfully pioneering some of the most effective solutions for companies in virtually every industry. The firm was recently acquired by the Brady Corporation, which, according to Scharf, has created several new opportunities. "Having been a relatively smaller company until now, we can reach more customers than ever before. We find that when we are competing, more often than not, we win the business through our customer focus, products, technology, and people," he explains. With its extensive portfolio and experienced specialists, Code is poised to further expand, innovate, and add a new dimension of customer experience that will further cement its reputation as the data capture leader.

This feature appeared in a special "Intelligent Data Capture" edition of the global tech magazine, CIOReview Magazine. Visit the magazine .

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