Code Corp and Work Life Balance
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Code Corp and Work Life Balance

So many organizations today talk about “work/life” balance. But here at Code, we do more than pay lip service to the idea — it’s built right into our policies.

We Did Our Homework

In his book Rest,  Alex Soojung-Kim Pang explains the science behind the value of rest, work, and play. ( Work requires creative thought, and in order to think creatively or problem solve, the human brain requires time to let ideas percolate and bubble up from the depths of our knowledge and experience. Pang shows how great athletes, musicians, and performers mix up intensive sessions of “work” accompanied by periods of rest to allow their bodies, minds, and spirits to recover and regenerate. If you push too hard for too long, you are susceptible to burnout and related stress, anxiety, and depression.

It’s tough to be productive or innovative when you feel like all you do is slave over a computer or attend meetings. That degree of intensity isn’t conducive to problem-solving or innovating.

Real Balance

At Code, we approach the idea of work/life balance from a holistic point of view. We’ve created workspaces that are designed to help you be more comfortable and for maximizing your work with other Code employees, such as height-adjusting desks, ergonomic chairs, and lots of natural light to keep your body in rhythm with the outside world.

We also have a beautiful break area where you can meet informally with others, work in a different setting, or spend your lunch in comfort without having to go out for fast food. Big refrigerators, an ice machine, filtered water, a specialty coffee machine, free drinks, snacks, and cereal are all available to take some of the stress out of your daily work life.

Play On

As if those weren’t enough, we encourage you to play! We’ve got ping-pong and corn hole to work off some of that tension, and we get some wicked tournaments going. We have a video gaming station with new releases and some classics as well. And there’s a quiet corner where you can slip on a vinyl disk of your choosing, tinkle the keys of our keyboard, or even pick up the guitar and play. In the summer, a beautiful deck is available for soaking up sun or enjoying your lunch.

It’s amazing here! And we haven’t even mentioned vacation time, personal time, alternate Fridays off, or holidays. Think this might be the place for you? Check out our website or LinkedIn job postings and see how well Code fits into your lifestyle.

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