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Effortless Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanning Delivered With CortexWedge

Oct 18, 2018

(NOTE: Former subsidiary TachyonIQ has merged with Code Corporation)

Actual enterprise-grade barcode scanning from your iOS device with NO integration or hardware? Yes, we can do that.

If you are like most of the world, you love your iPhone! These amazing tiny little computers are never far from our hand. We intuitively know how to use them and because of this, enjoy a more connected life. So how can this help us work smarter too? Simple, use the device you have grown to love as a tool to master your workflow! With CortexWedge you can now use your phone or iPad and scan any barcode data into any text field in any program you want. Ready to mobilize your team?  

CortexWedge Barcode Scanning Keyboard Wedge

Initialize Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanning App

If you have been looking for a solution to eliminate the added expense of additional dedicated barcode scanning hardware, while in the same instance improving your ability to decode barcodes this scanning hardware can't manage to read. It's as simple as downloading an app that uses the Code CortexDecoder bundle of decoding algorithms. CortexWedge turns your mobile device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanning solution. No integration, just camera, and keyboard access. Read over 42 barcode symbologies including 1D, 2D, postal, QR codes, PDF417, DPM, and dot peen. Has your team ever struggled with dirty, damaged, white, or hard to read barcodes? Conditions of low light or reflective surfaces? Again, not a problem for the CortexDecoder decoding algorithms. 

Using this awesome keyboard scanning wedge is the key to easy, accurate, and truly mobile data collection! The scanning and custom parsing of data from any barcode can be the answer to workflow challenges everywhere including areas like inventory, logistics, form automation, home delivery, track and trace, process improvement, retail, order entry, or verification workflow issues–the list just goes on and on. With CortexWedge your mobile device can now scan any barcode and enter that information into any app, software program, online form, or browser. The keyboard scanning wedge runs in the background of your iOS device and can be easily used any time it is needed, just click the field you want to scan into, change to the CortexWedge keyboard, scan and go!

Download CortexWedge And Try It On For Size

Does your company have existing applications that you wish included barcode scanning for your workflow solutions? CortexWedge can be the add-on solution you need working seamlessly outside your application delivering exact reads and customized data parsing solutions. CortexWedge is a seamless, cost-effective way to sync scanned ANY barcode data into ANY application or program. Ready to test drive CortexWedge for yourself? 

Available in the iOS App Store, CortexWedge is the new way to scan barcodes! Once downloaded, users are offered 50 free scans to try it out.

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