For Retail Scanning Efficiency You Need Code

For Retail Scanning Efficiency You Need Code

Barcode Scanning and Retail . . . Two Peas in a Pod

Thin margins and high employee turnover are some of the biggest hurdles in the retail industry. Running a successful retail operation means that workflow systems must be cost-efficient and easy to use. Code barcode scanning solutions are competitively affordable and user friendly "but it doesn't stop there. Driven by the sincere desire to exceed expectations, each scanner is also protected by a durable, lightweight plastic external housing and powered by enterprise-level scanning technology on the inside. For over 20 years, Code has been an industry pioneer, leader, and champion for data capture innovation and it shows. Code's industry innovating product portfolio includes both hardware and software image-based data capture solutions that spotlight its unique bundle of powerful decoding algorithms. Picking the right data capture technology for your retail barcode scanning needs eliminates many of the workflow efficiency struggles that seem to devour time and resources.

Barcodes in Retail

Barcodes were literally invented to make the retail industry more efficient. However, the first UPC label showed up much later than you might imagine. It wasn't until the 70s that the first item (a pack of gum) was marked with a barcode and scanned for a customer to purchase. In the last 40 years, technology has come a long way in improving how barcodes help retail businesses. Today there are solutions all across the board to help your retail business run smoothly, but none offer the same level of affordability and reliability as the solutions Code has created.

Code's Data Capture Solutions

Code has spent years relentlessly researching, developing, and producing cost-effective scanning solutions that not only stand up to the wear and tear of consistent use in the retail industry, but offer technology options that significantly lighten the load accurately decoding even damaged barcodes! With Code's highly versatile solutions that won't break the bank, it's easy to understand why Code is the smart choice for those in the retail space.

Why you should consider integrating Code into your retail workplace:

  • Proven record of outperforming the competition scanning over 42 different barcode symbologies
  • Enterprise-grade and patented technologies at an affordable cost
  • Ability to scan small, large, damaged, curved, and reflective barcodes
  • Dual-field optics delivering the ability to scan large wide barcodes or highly dense and tiny codes with a single device
  • Tethered, wireless, and mobile options
  • Easily customizable javascript platform that integrates into any enterprise solution
  • Experts ready to help integrate Code into your workplace and increase efficiency

We know you will find an affordable and dependable solution for your workplace among Code's line of retail-dedicated scanning solutions listed below.


When you need your barcode scanning to be truly mobile and versatile, and really deliver that appleisk modern look and feel, consider using a keyboard scanning wedge. Code's scanning technology has been configured and deployed inside an app that is easily downloadable and installed on any mobile device you choose. Once installed you select the field you want the barcode data scanned into, switch your devices keyboard out with the CortexWedge scanning keyboard and click scan. The app then uses the camera on your mobile device to capture the barcode and embedded decoding algorithms to translate the data you need into any input-able form field you choose. Test it out for your self and receive 50 free scans. CortexWedge is a SaaS product and will require a license for each device it's deployed on.


When you need your scanner to stay put or just need to use it in a designated area, the CR950, CR1100, and CR5000 solutions offer convenient hand-held or hands-free options.

If cost is your deciding factor, the CR950 is our most affordable option. But don't let the price fool you, this scanner is still the soul of an eagle in the body of a hummingbird a powerful and efficient engine in a sleek and compact case. The CR950 features all of the scanning ability and speed you need without any extra bulk.

Sticking with the animal comparisons, the CR1000 is a wolf in sheep's clothing on the outside it's lightweight and features and ergonomic, hand-held design, but on the inside it's built to tear through any barcodes you throw at it with lightning speed and laser precision.

Lastly, the CR5000 is the stallion of our tethered options. With all of the features of the other scanners, this high-powered, presentation scanner also allows you to scan government-issued IDs and driver licenses to verify age. Use the CR5000 to scan and store signatures or coupons without specialized software, and customize how you capture data for easy formatting into loyalty program forms or credit applications.

Additionally in true Code form, we have created another genius data capture solution that bridges the gap for those wanting to transmit barcode data from a tethered scanners to any wireless device such as a tablet or smartphone. The T500 cable is a portable modem that plugs into your tethered scanner turning it into a Bluetooth-enabled solution that can broadcast your data straight from your scanner to your mobile device.

Product Use Examples

Below are some of the most common examples of how Code surpasses the competition and will improve your workflow efficiency. Visit our website to see these beauties up close!


A productive POS system is a lucrative POS system. Code knows that. If your current POS solution isn't humming like a finely tuned engine, Code has the products to improve upon or integrate with your existing solutions. It's so easy to upgrade to Code scanners come ready to use right out of the box! You can keep things moving along without worrying about downtime or lost productivity.

All of Code's retail-dedicated products are expertly built and designed to save you money without sacrificing quality. The processors in our scanners run at full speed, but they have been optimized to run on less power. That means less battery drain on POS systems and a net reduction in operating cost when you integrate Code scanners throughout your whole business.

Inventory Management

It's Friday night. You're headed to grab pizza to bring home for the family. Suddenly you realize you forgot to put in an inventory order for Monday. You know stock is low, but you aren't sure how low. You detour back to the office to get it taken care of and end up bringing home cold pizza.

Now imagine that you never have to worry about manually checking and ordering inventory again. Code's barcode scanning solutions not only track and log all your inventory, they can be programmed to monitor stock levels and automatically reorder exactly what you need when you need it. They can also tell you exactly where any product is located for easy identification and access. And what if your inventory uses a variety of barcode styles and symbologies? No problem. Code scans all of your 1D and 2D barcodes with lightning speed and accuracy, and your supply chain or ERP system access. will run smoother as a result. The nitty-gritty details of inventory management will be one less thing on your plate, which means more room on your plate for pizza.

Retail Pharmacy

Conquer all of your pain points such as POS, drug verification, and inventory management using Code scanners. Your pharmacy will run more efficiently reducing medication dispensing errors and customers and employees alike will experience higher levels of satisfaction.

It's no secret that drug containers come in all shapes and sizes and are mostly cylindrical. In addition to variable container sizes, barcodes that track the drug contents and information also come in various types and sizes. All of those variables can lead to a headache when it comes to scanning and tracking everything quickly and accurately in your pharmacy. With Code barcode scanners, you'll never have to scan something multiple times or worry about incorrect information being read from difficult, damaged, or curved barcodes. With a single scan, Code readers will analyze the data and integrate it into your existing system.

Code scanners also feature high-durability plastic housings that protect the interior components from impact, dust, and liquid including harsh cleaning agents. In a pharmacy where sanitation is crucial, you can rest easy knowing Code scanners won't be damaged or break down by disinfectants.

Mobile Coupons and Ticketing

We've all been there waiting in line for a concert or sporting event with digital tickets in hand hoping the QR code on our phone screen will scan at the gate. Not only do mobile tickets and coupons reduce paper usage, they are increasingly becoming the norm in our mobile-enabled world. There is no escaping the digital ticketing future.

Code has earned a place at the top of the barcode scanning industry when it comes to speed, accuracy, and reliability. If you have thousands of people to get through a ticketing gate, every second counts. Code barcode reading solutions will read an array of code types from virtually any mobile device (even those with a cracked screen) allowing people to enter your event with less hassle. And with omnidirectional scanning capabilities and patented glare-reducing technology, ticket holders won't have to contort the angle of their phone until it's just right. Tickets will scan at any angle on any screen.

Age Verification

Code is serious about protecting the integrity and longevity of your business. In the world of age verification, any error in scanning state or government-issued identifications could mean a hefty fine, damaged reputation, or loss of business license. Why risk it? Code offers reliable, fast-reading solutions that make it easy for you to capture and verify age information without error. In addition, complying with the law may require you to store time-stamped data. Code's scanning solutions have your back and allow you to store information without specialized software to keep your business compliant.


In the digital age, filling out information that already exists in a barcode can be time consuming and annoying. With Code's powerful data capture capabilities, you can customize the capture of existing information on driver licenses and other IDs and format it to populate predetermined fields on loyalty forms, credit card applications, and other documents. Your customers will spend less time filling out forms and more time shopping and saving.

Specialty Application

We believe that the limits of our scanning solutions are as high as you set them. If you have a workflow or data-capture problem you don't see addressed on this page, we have a team of professionals ready and willing to help you find a solution. We can implement anything from a self-contained barcode reading solution to a JavaScript application into your existing solution. Let us worry about the details, and watch your retail business shine.

See how Code can help change the way you work for the better. Request a free product demo from one of our trained professionals today!

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