How Code Readers Enhance Inventory Workflows

How Code Readers Enhance Inventory Workflows

Inventory Management Made Easy

When you think about your business, what aspects are crucial to its success? Do inventory levels and records keep you up at night? Are you sweating over quality control or turnaround time? A device that can help alleviate these concerns should be crucial to any business.

Barcode readers are viewed by most as a single-use device that reads and transmits barcode data found on product packaging and labels. Although this yawn-worthy definition fits most bar code readers on the market, Code barcode readers are engineered to out-perform, out-read, and outshine the competition. Code has developed barcode readers that scale every obstacle from poorly printed, oversized or small barcodes to ones printed on shiny and curved surfaces.

Barcodes + Inventory = Workflow Champion

Barcodes and inventory go together like peanut butter and jelly... Placing a barcode on every piece of inventory should be a mandatory part of the inventory process. Why? Because automating the inventory process reduces the risk of manual error, tracks everything quickly and efficiently, and saves time and resources!

In addition to making barcodes mandatory, the use of a Code reader to track those barcodes is highly recommended. Code readers are retail's best friend. They can assist in inventory count, inventory location, and alert users to when reordering or re-stocking is needed. Customization of Code's barcode readers can help simplify the supply chain and distribution management process.

Scanning barcodes of incoming items ensures accuracy of product, quantity, price, and if needed, date received. Once scanned, Code's barcode reader can transmit the data into a format specific to the needs of the user, complementing the existing workflow. When items are removed from inventory, a simple scan of the barcode will adjust the quantity in the system, resulting in accurate, real-time inventory count.

The advantages of using Code for inventory processes: accuracy, speed, effortless tracking, and minimization of human error.

Code's barcode readers should be a key component in any business inventory operations. Simplify your supply chain and distribution management process with a customized Code barcode reader. Your bottom line will thank you!

Not sure which reader fits your workflow (CR950, CR1100, CR1500, CR4300, CR5000)? Visit our website and learn a little more about each or the retail scanners and their unique features.

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