How Covid-19 Is Changing The Way Retail Works
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How COVID-19 Is Changing The Way Retail Works

New Steps for a New World

The explosion of the COVID-19 virus has impacted every corner of our contemporary world. Even our most mundane functions have been altered — possibly permanently — and we are struggling to figure out how to adapt to this new reality. For those in retail, finding ways to encourage customers to shop must be weighed against keeping those customers and store employees safe. Requirements for masks and social distancing are with us and part of the new retail environment, at least for the short term.  Smart retailers are looking for long-term solutions to help make the shopping experience safer for people on both sides of the register.

There are many steps that retail stores can begin incorporating that will benefit employees and customers during this period of adjustment. But what changes can be made for the longer term? One small adjustment that can make a big difference is the barcode scanner used in the store. Barcode scanning is a common part of retail and a few simple things can make the use of the barcode scanning system safer and more efficient.

Efficiency and Safety

Most barcode scanners designed for retail are a simple collection of plastic housing parts, circuitry, software, and the glass. They are designed to perform basic functions, over and over, throughout the workday. This limited functionality was fine in the past, but to remain successful, businesses need an edge. Scanners can be useful in many store areas and can perform several helpful functions. Scanners can be used to check-in inventory, determine inventory levels, scan merchandise details, and record prices. They can also check identification for age-restricted purchases or a registration in customer loyalty programs.

The right scanner can also help protect the health and well-being of employees. Code offers scanners made from CodeShield plastics. These housings are capable of withstanding frequent cleanings from the harshest hospital chemical cleaners and disinfectants. Retail stores are now able to provide cleaning and disinfecting of their day-to-day scanners with medical-grade cleaners.


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