Introducing the New Standard for Medical Barcode S...

Introducing the New Standard for Medical Barcode Scanning—CR2700

When you understand healthcare workflow challenges, when you listen and purpose build a data capture solution to solve these challenges, you must be Code!

An innovator in healthcare automation and mobile technology, Code announces the launch of its highly anticipated next generation of wireless handheld barcode readers. The CR2700 is the new gold standard for healthcare barcode scanning, delivering unmatched reading performance in a seamless package with inductive charging to support even the most rigorous infection control practices.

"We are excited to roll out these new Code scanners," said Joseph Hooks, Director, CTO, and CISO at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. "Our infection control processes are very strict, and we need technology designed to withstand repeated disinfecting."

No exposed metal? How does it charge?

With the addition of inductive charging, Code eliminated all exposed metal on the CR2700, and created a sleek design with fewer nooks, gaps, and cutouts to promote easier cleaning. CodeShield® plastics give the CR2700 unrivaled ruggedness to survive the daily rigors of hospital use.

Bluetooth 5 secure connect

The CR2700 features Bluetooth® 5, enabling it to securely connect to a variety of devices with ease. By implementing a Low Energy radio, Code extended the battery life on the new reader to further minimize downtime during shifts. A built-in gauge tells users when it is time to change the battery, which they can quickly swap for a fresh one, getting nurses right back to caring for patients.

Available in either palm or handled form factors, and with a variety of mounting options for chargers, hospitals can choose the exact configuration they require to meet the needs of their unique environments.

Efficiently deploy and manage

The state-of-the-art CR2700 is also packed with a slew of features to help hospital IT efficiently deploy and manage their scanners. With the ability to track service start dates and vital battery statistics, such as charge frequency and remaining life, the CR2700 provides a new level of asset visibility and replacement planning. Code is ready to assist with installation and training options to ensure a smooth rollout, and Code Complete protection plans practically eliminate downtime.

"The CR2700 is a purpose-built scanner for healthcare and is not adapted from a retail or commercial product like others on the market," said Hong Ji, Handheld Program Manager. "As a fourth-generation product, it incorporates over fifteen years of feedback from nurses, doctors, and hospital IT staff into a design that truly embodies the voice of the healthcare community."

Let us introduce you to the CR2700, schedule a demo today!

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