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Making the Most of Mobile Barcode Scanning Applications

Have you ever wondered about replacing your dedicated barcode scanners with a scanning solution integrated into a smartphone or other mobile device? Many managers and business owners have been curious about making the switch to mobile scanning apps. Like you, they had questions about how such a transition might work and how it would affect workflows and processes. For example:

  • Can smartphones scan fast enough?
  • Are smartphones capable of operating barcode scanner SDKs like traditional or dedicated scanners?
  • Are mobile scanners as accurate as dedicated scanners?
  • Is using a smartphone secure?

The Short Answer to These Questions is Yes!

For the long answer, keep reading.

If you want to switch to mobile scanning devices, the possibilities are endless. There is a wide range of devices available with high-powered cameras, intuitive user interfaces, and more than enough processing power. This means it’s easy to find a perfect solution for you.

Plenty of scanner SDKs will integrate into most mobile applications and match the same scanning speed as traditional barcode scanners. Some even that do it better! CortexDecoder® barcode scanner SDK integrates into most mobile platforms, but its decoding algorithm works great with the majority of smartphone processors.

How Will You Scan?

To understand the possibilities of using a smartphone as a barcode scanner, consider this common issue: you need to scan a bunch of products quickly. Using a traditional scanner, you would scan each product one by one. With a smartphone, you open the app and scan an entire block of products all at once instead of individually. This saves a lot of time and improves efficiency and productivity. By expediting your workflows, you also cut down on errors.

Due to the revolution in technology, barcode scanners have become an everyday piece of equipment. Businesses cannot be as productive without using barcode technology for inventory management, shipping and receiving, and warehouse management. In the current business landscape, mobile barcode scanning applications are a critical trend that saves both time and money.

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Mobile Scanning Solution

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Saves Time

Think back to the early methods of managing inventory. That clunky process involved lots of physical manpower collecting and storing product information one item at a time. The margin for error was huge and the costs in time, wages, and lost productivity were high. With barcode technology, all that work can be done with a fraction of the manpower. Instead of having to log everything on a notebook by hand and then transferring to an automated system, a simple scan can decode all the information and store it in a digital inventory management system. Using mobile barcode scanning applications makes that process even easier with multi-capture functionality that allows you to instantly scan a group of products, record the associated data, and move to the next. This saves time and lets you focus on more productive tasks.

Increases Efficiency

Humans aren’t perfect. Mistakes happen when you have to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Additionally, accessing historical data on specific items in inventory can be a challenge if that information was misfiled or buried under a pile of papers. With barcode scanning, you can identify in a matter of seconds which products you have, how many, and where they are located. Moreover, with mobile barcode scanning applications, you simply take your phone out of your pocket, open the app, scan the product, and check the history to find what you need. This not only saves time but increases efficiency and productivity.

Improves Internal Operations

You likely have a continual system of internal checks and balances to make sure that your employees follow the rules. Tracking assets, man-hours of each employee, and myriad other internal data can be expensive and time-consuming to manage. Using a mobile barcode scanning application consolidates all of that information into one system, making it more convenient to track and manage every part of your internal operations. When your internal operations run smoothly,  your business runs more smoothly externally as well.

Eliminates Bulky Equipment

Smartphones fit inside your pocket because of their ergonomic design. Using a mobile application is a lot easier and more comfortable than carrying around a heavy device slung over your shoulder or strapped to your belt.

Turns Any Smart Device Into A Barcode Scanner

There’s no need to invest in additional, expensive scanning technology when any device can be transformed into a barcode scanning device—including your employees’ own devices.

Reduces Technology Repair Costs

Traditional scanning devices can be damaged over time or break down as they age. Using a mobile application helps you save on repair and the cost of replacing old devices. It’s far easier and less expensive to update software than to replace hardware.

Ensures Compatibility With Existing Software

When you use the mobile barcode scanner SDK for your business, you can simply purchase or build your own application and customize the compatibility of the software.

Utilizes Cloud Security

The ability to save and backup scanned data from your mobile application gives you peace of mind that your most critical data will always be secure and accessible. No more lost papers or misplaced files, no more notes on clipboards or sticky notes.


CortexDecoder gives you the peace of mind and confidence to shift your scanning to a mobile system. You’ll save time, you’ll save money, and you’ll find improved workflows and efficiency because of this simple, common-sense shift. Now is the time to step into the future and make your move to mobile.

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