Manufacturing Workflows Should Include Code Tech

Manufacturing Workflows Should Include Code Tech

Barcode Scanning & Manufacturing Go Hand-In-Hand

There are literally hundreds of moving pieces in any manufacturing process. These variables affect the quality, safety, efficiency, and bottom-line profit margins for companies large and small. Identifying process weak points, monitoring inventory statuses, forecasting production flow, and hundreds of other workflow processes can be tracked and facilitate real-time decision making for management teams nationwide. Data capture makes all this possible.

Code is here to help!

How Did We Get Here?

Before there were barcodes, it was a Wild, Wild West of sorts in the world of tracking manufacturing production and workflow. The UPC label didn’t show up as a viable option until the 1970s. Even then, it was mainly used and developed for retail. The first item ever scanned for purchase by a barcode scanner (which is widely, yet incorrectly, believed to be sitting in the Smithsonian) was a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

While the introduction of UPC labels ignited the ability for the production and sale of products to become more streamlined and accurate, the UPC label has its limitations. Today’s challenging world of manufacturing offers many more efficient and durable options, but utilizing those options has become an industry in itself.

One of the most notable advancements in manufacturing workflow and efficiency has been Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Though originally designed only for the manufacturing process, ERP systems today integrate everything from the front office to the warehouse. ERP is the wave of the future, and cloud ERP solutions are consistently leading the way in cost reduction and efficiency.

But even when ERP systems utilize high-quality, data-rich barcodes that house vital inventory and workflow information, companies still need a way to scan, track, and manage that information. For many operations, thousands of scans are happening on a daily—if not hourly—basis. Scanning all those different barcodes quickly and correctly, even when the barcodes are damaged, reflective, or warped, is a big undertaking that has the potential to slow down productivity. That’s why Code has developed quality scanning solutions that you can trust to transfer all the correct information into your ERP system without any hiccups.

Code Solutions

Code has spent years relentlessly researching, developing, and producing highly-durable scanning solutions powered by the industry's most aggressive decoding algorithm.

for the needs of your manufacturing operation. With Code’s versatile solutions that won’t break the bank, it’s easy to understand why Code is a recommended choice for those in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, electronic assembly, and other industries. We’re confident you will find a superior solution in our line of manufacturing-dedicated scanners.

Go Wireless

If you need a wireless scanning solution, our Bluetooth-enabled CR2600 XHD is built to scan the first time (every time) while still being able to withstand the gambit of harsh conditions your facility throws at it. And with the capacity to scan up to 50,000 times on a single charged battery, you’ll likely need a break before it does.

Dropped your scanner on a concrete floor? Dropped it again? And again? No sweat. Our products can survive multiple drops to concrete. Our high-quality plastic housings are also sealed to protect the inner components from particles and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Tethered Power

When you don’t want to worry about a scanner "running away," we have a robust line of tethered options, which includes the CR1100 XHD, CR1500 IND, and CR6000 DPM.

The CR1000 XHD and CR1500 IND come ready to scan whatever you throw at them with their high-density fields and built-in macro lenses. In short, that means you can scan tiny barcodes with laser precision.

Got a wide array of barcodes that require different illumination? The CR6000 DPM intuitively identifies the correct illumination for reading your label and makes the adjustment automatically. You’ll never need to manually find or select the correct illumination.

Product Use Examples

Below are some of the most common examples of how Code surpasses the competition and will improve your workflow efficiency.

Work-in-Process and Supply Chain Management

In many cases, the most vulnerable parts of an operation are within the realms of work-in-process and supply chain management. Incorrect data entry can cause unnecessary delays in your supply chain, and the efficiency of your entire operation can get bogged down if you don’t have up-to-date information on materials as they flow through the production process.

When integrated into your ERP or work-in-process application, Code barcode solutions can provide a transparent overview of every step. Not only will your production run smoother, but Code can implement automatic inventory management solutions so you can manage inventory without worrying about stock levels or initiating reorders.

Dot Peen and Beyond

Do you or your suppliers or clients use intricate laser-etched or dot peen codes? Do you also need to scan incoming and outgoing shipments? Code scanners are built specifically to handle the vast array of barcodes used in every aspect of the manufacturing industry.

Do your barcodes occasionally come into your facility damaged or warped? That’s not a problem. Code can scan them. Code readers scan and decode any type of barcode (over 42 different types) with unique image-based decoding algorithms with our CortexDecoder software that compensate for less-than-ideal conditions and environments. Pretty impressive to watch the speed and accuracy first hand! Below are a few of the more common types of barcodes found in the manufacturing industry that our scanners decode with lightning speed:

  • 1D (ex. retail barcodes)
  • 2D (ex. data matrix/QR codes)
  • Postal
  • Color
  • Low-contrast
  • Laser-etched
  • High-density
  • Dot peen

Track and Trace

Does your production process span multiple locations or even operate worldwide? When you are shipping and receiving items from one location to another, it’s essential to have a quick and easy solution for facility workers to be able to scan, track, and trace shipments as they happen. The unmatched scan engine inside all of Code’s DPM barcodes makes it easy to keep a clean and current record of all inventory no matter where it is located.

Product Verification

Running an efficient operation usually involves some level of product verification. There is a vast array of barcode options that you can use for your product verification purposes. Code scanners feature multiple illumination fields that will intuitively select the field that will read your barcode type most efficiently. So no matter what type of label or coding system you use, you’ll never have to pause to find or select the correct illumination. Your verification process will speed up as a result, saving you time and money.

Mobile Application

In addition to Bluetooth and tethered scanning options, Code also offers a software-based scanning solution through its software brand CortexDecoder. The same enterprise-grade scanning and decoding power embedded in our hardware scanners in now packaged together in a SDK and available for mobile and embedded application integration. Two SDK options are available CortexDecoder Mobile Enterprise for consumer mobile devices based applications and CortexDecoder Embedded OEM for more OEM applications. These SDKs can turn your teams smartphones into enterprise-grade barcode scanning devices with all the same function and scanning ability dedicated scanning hardware offers. Now, when you’re away from the office, you can still scan a wide variety of barcodes using only your smartphone camera, instantly transferring that information into your ERP system or supply chain management application.

Shipping and Delivery

No product is worth anything until it arrives at the client’s door, and the barcodes are always in the most perfect condition right? Code scanners again can come to the rescue with the ability to compensate for damage and are built to scan a long list of symbologies including postal barcodes. You can also utilize our scan-to-print functionality to scan and print labels for your shipping needs.

Code scanners work seamlessly with your shipping operation to monitor delivery schedules and aid in delivering shipments on time to the correct locations.

Specialty Application

Have a problem you don’t see a solution for? Code has an expert team of professionals ready and willing to help customize a solution for you. They can implement anything from a self-contained barcode reading solution to a JavaScript application into your existing solution. Let Code worry about the details, and watch your operation transform into a well-oiled machine.

See how Code can help change the way you work for the better. Request a free product demo from one of our trained professionals today!

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