OEM's Start Building with Code Scanning Tech

OEMs Start Building with Code Scanning Tech

Original Equipment Manufacturers

At Code, our scanning technology is impressive. The test of its true power is evident when it flawlessly scans barcodes others simply can't. We consistently provide the industry with top-tier scanning solutions for every scanning need. Accordingly, we understand that not every scanning need for your industry has to come encased in our ergonomic, high-quality plastic housings. For those instances where you just want the scanning power without the housing, Code's line of small, high-performance scan engines is perfect for your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. Our OEM solutions can be integrated into mobile or fixed applications, making it easy to find a solution that's right for you.

OEM Scan Engines

Whether you need an OEM scanning solution for your retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, cannabis or other industry application, Code has you covered with three excellent options: the CR8000 series scan engines and the CR1100.

CR8000 Series Scan Engines

When space is your biggest concern, the CR8200 is a high-quality scan engine that can fit into even the smallest devices. Whether you need the imager with integrated decode board or just the imager with a software decoder that can be integrated into your existing processing platform, the CR8200 has an option that will fit your needs.

With the CR8200, you can rapidly scan and read a wide array of barcodes while consuming less power in battery-supplied scanning devices. Code's CR8200 OEM scanning solution runs on significantly less current and has been proven to automatically switch between full-power and power-saving states faster than the competition, which means you get prolonged battery life in mobile device uses and lower overall operational costs. Mounting the CR8200 is simple and easy with available mounting tabs, blind through-holes, and mounting brackets for both the imager and the decode board.


The CR1100, though still small and efficient like the CR8000 or CR8200, was designed to be utilized in exterior situations or as a stand-alone scanner. With its lightweight and ergonomic plastic housing, the CR1000 is an aggressive scanner with lightning speed and precision that can be mounted or used in hand.

OEM Application Examples

Below are some examples of how Code OEM solutions can be utilized in your industry.


When billions of dollars are at stake, every part of your operation should feature consistent, high-quality systems. Among the various systems involved in lotteries, data capture and tracking is one of the most important. Relying on a mid-tier scanning solution to validate lottery tickets shouldn't even be a consideration. Code's top-tier, high-performance OEM solutions will scan virtually any barcode with unmatched speed and accuracy. Whatever symbology you use, Code can scan it and verify it. Code readers also feature a dual-lens design that allows versatility in scanning. With the same reader, you can scan small barcodes with the high-density field or large barcodes with the wide-angle field.

Airline Ticketing

Whether you need to upgrade, replace, or add devices to your existing kiosks or airline ticket scanners, Code has an OEM solution for you. Code's solutions are unmatched in scanning barcodes from reflective mobile screens, which means tickets are scanned faster and people board quicker. And in an industry where ID verification is critical, you can rely on Code's powerful OEM scanners to scan and verify government-issued IDs like driver licenses with precision.


In manufacturing, direct part marking is an essential way to track products and inventory. Integrating Code's OEM scan engines into your workflow can significantly upgrade your operation. Code scanners feature the capability to scan and process a wide array of symbologies, including the most difficult direct part marks like dot peen, laser-etched, and barcodes that just simple suffer from low-contrast. When you use Code scanners in your warehouse, you'll rarely have to worry about codes scanning properly, even if they are scratched, damaged, warped, curved, or reflective.


New developments in ATMs is making it easier for customers to access their funds. In addition to the traditional scanning needs of an ATM, some machines now utilize a cardless feature where the customer authorizes the amount to be withdrawn through their mobile banking app. The app displays a unique barcode that the ATM can scan to ensure delivery of the correct withdrawal amount. Integrating the next evolution in barcode scanning into your ATMs is possible with Code's small, high-performance OEM solutions.

Kiosks, Mobile Computers, and Self-Checkout

Whether you have thousands of people with tickets to scan at a sporting event, a steady stream of customers scanning items at a self-checkout grocery kiosk, or hungry patrons at a restaurant scanning mobile loyalty coupons, you need a dedicated, reliable scanner as part of your customer experience. With mobile barcodes replacing printed barcodes, it is essential to have a scanning solution that will read codes from reflective glass surfaces from all angles.

Code's OEM solutions will integrate seamlessly into your workflow to improving efficiency by reading an array of code types from virtually any mobile device allowing people to enter your event, buy their groceries, or redeem their coupons with ease. Code's omnidirectional scanning capabilities and patented glare-reducing technology also allow customers to scan and go without the need to contort the angle of their phone until it's just right. Barcodes will scan at any angle on any screen.

Access Control

Access and privacy are hot topics in today's climate, and protecting your business and personal assets has never been more important. Utilizing Code scan engines at existing access points or developing a custom access control system for your business is easy with Code OEM scanning solutions. Sleep better at night knowing you have a top-tier scan engine validating access to your private property.


The sale of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use is similar to the sale of any other product in that inventory and distribution need to be managed. However, the cannabis industry is also very different from other industries in that each plant needs to be tracked from seed all the way to end-user sales, as the consequences of product falling off the back of the truck is a much bigger issue. Whether you're running a lab or a brick-and-mortar storefront, a dedicated scanning solution utilizing Code's OEM offerings is the smart solution for ensuring compliance with industry and government standards.

See how Code's OEM scan engines can improve your business operations. Request a demo from one of our trained professionals today!

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