Smart Battery Case: Powered Protection for Patient...
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Smart Battery Case: Powered Protection for Patients and iPhones

Code, an innovator in healthcare automation and mobile technology, is shipping the market’s first fully-enclosed battery case for the iPhone 7 and 8. Designed for healthcare, the CR7000 mobile case is exclusively built with PVC-free CodeShield® disinfectant-ready plastics and Dragontrail™ glass. This completely sealed enclosure not only protects the iPhone from repeated chemical wipe downs, but promotes a higher level of patient safety, removing access for germs to hitch a ride from one patient room to another. It’s the ultimate protection.


According to the CDC, every day, one in 31 patients will contract an infectious disease during a hospital visit. Many of these are caused by strong bacteria that can lead to serious complications like sepsis, or even death1. Mobile technology at the point of care has historically been unable to stand up to strict cleaning and disinfecting processes. This meant devices would get damaged under chemical exposure, or worse, they weren’t being cleaned properly, contributing to the spread of infectious disease. The CR7018 solves this problem by protecting the mobile devices from damage while promoting easy, thorough disinfection.

“The CR7000 allows healthcare leaders to protect their investments but more importantly their patients,” said Jennifer Braun, Mobile Program Manager. “Healthcare facilities have been searching for an enterprise mobility solution that accommodates their workflows and meets infection control standards—they’re looking for the CR7000 product line.”


Over the past few years, hospitals have been making do with consumer grade cases to protect and provide power for their iPhones. Unfortunately, these cases do not fully enclose the phone, leading to difficult infection control and premature failure of the mobile devices do to chemical exposure. These consumer cases also don’t have a swappable battery option. In order to keep the phone charged and working hospitals must swap the entire cases for a charged one, as a result creating an increase in phone damage from drop and premature failure of the cases as a whole.

The CR7000 mobile series is designed explicitly for clinical workflows. The CodeShield plastics and Dragontrailâ„¢ glass screen protector provides confidence and durability; the fully enclosed housing safeguards against potentially harmful biomatter buildup; the quick-swap batteries and charging solutions provide 24/7 power and flexibility to keep your clinicians on the go; the BatteryTrakâ„¢ mobile application gives administrators visibility to the age of their batteries and helps them plan appropriately for replacements. There is no other mobile solution built specifically for clinicians like the CR7000. Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a demo today.

“Health systems should be able to take full advantage of the benefits of mobile devices without having to sacrifice efficiency or infection control,” said George Powell, CEO and President of Code. “With the ruggedness and extra power of the CR7000, hospitals can recognize the full potential of a mobile workforce.”

Need we really say more? Patient safety and mobility meet the Code CR7018.

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Dragontrail™ is a trademark of Asahi Glass, Limited.


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