SpectraLink Boosts Healthcare Mobility via CortexDecoder SDK

SpectraLink Enhancing Wireless Communication

SpectraLink is an OEM specializing in wireless communications devices built for use within the four walls of the modern enterprise. As industry leaders and technical innovators, SpectraLink offers industry-focused mobility solutions for various verticals. Their devices deliver superior voice quality and consistency using their proprietary Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology, creating an end-to-end mobility portfolio.

A person examines an enterprise-grade smart device.
SpectraLink chose Code's barcode scanning SDK to empower its next-gen enterprise mobility devices.

SpectraLink serves a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, and more. It is also a key player in the healthcare communications sector, providing more effective communications for more effective healthcare. Hospitals and healthcare systems around the country equip their doctors, nurses, and support staff with SpectraLink devices. SpectraLink devices enable the consistent and reliable flow of real-time communication. They improve workflows through superior voice quality and devices that integrate seamlessly with leading healthcare applications and EHR systems.


To deliver enterprise-grade mobility solutions, SpectraLink continually seeks out pioneering technology to improve its product offering. The company wanted to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of the US healthcare marketplace. As competitors enter the field in greater numbers, SpectraLink wanted to enhance their product offerings and maintain their leadership role.

One of the notable challenges in the healthcare arena is the increased use of barcode scanning to improve efficiency. Hospitals manage everything from medication administration and patient verification to equipment inventory and asset control through data collection using barcoding. SpectraLink could strengthen its position in the marketplace by adding enterprise-grade barcode scanning to its communications tech. This would allow them to continue keeping the competition at bay. In order to achieve this, they needed an SDK designed for their unique needs, which would work with their existing hardware. They also needed a company that understood hospital work environments and had experience with the workflows and challenges in healthcare.


SpectraLink began researching their options and trying to match their products against the barcode scanning software available. They compared barcode scanning companies and put each contender to the test. The focus centered on speed, accuracy, and efficiency as hallmarks of effective SDKs. They needed an SDK to meet their needs and the needs of their clients. In a hospital environment, scanners must read barcodes in low light, on reflective surfaces, and even when the barcode is faint or damaged.

A medic holds a smartphone for healthcare barcode scanning.
CortexDecoder gives SpectraLink devices an edge by scanning damaged and soiled barcodes.

After checking available options, SpectraLink chose the revolutionary enterprise-grade CortexDecoder barcode reading software development kit (SDK) for their OEM hardware. CortexDecoder integrates with the native camera in the SpectraLink devices instead of equipping each device with a scan engine built to read barcodes. Integrating CortexDecoder SDK barcode reading software with SpectraLink devices means medical staff can efficiently and accurately monitor bedside care. This includes patient ID, medication dosage, and frequency of medications, as well as blood and saline bag accounting.

After adding CortexDecoder in 2016, SpectraLink was able to eliminate the need for an expensive scan engine and provide a better barcode reading solution in their products. As a result of CortexDecoder's performance, SpectraLink increased their customers' workflow productivity while decreasing equipment spending. Since the CortexDecoder SDK works with the device's built-in camera, it provides an improved and more intuitive user experience. This simplicity of design means fewer parts, leading to improved reliability, less damage, and greater savings on equipment costs.


CortexDecoder improved the speed of SpectraLink's barcode reading across the board. When challenged with damaged or distorted barcodes, the devices read with zero-miss accuracy six times faster than the competition. Additionally, CortexDecoder could read barcodes on shiny or reflective surfaces such as medication packaging or IV fluid bags. It could also accurately scan in low light and from difficult angles.

Code worked with SpectraLink to deliver specific custom requirements for the devices CortexDecoder would be deployed on. As a result of this partnership, SpectraLink now has a portable solution that can be incorporated into future product development platforms and additional product offerings and ensures that SpectraLink will remain on the cutting edge for a long time to come.

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