The T500 Cable What It Is and How It Works

The T500 Cable: What It Is and How It Works

Bluetooth Barcode Scanning Simplified

Mobile devices have not only changed the way we communicate but also the way we live our lives. They are our calendars, calculators, notepads, navigation devices, pedometers, budget organizers and so much more.

The technology that can fit in our pockets is progressing to a point where we start to wonder, what can't our mobile devices do?

Many businesses use a smartphone or tablet to run a point of sale (POS) or enterprise application. While consumer devices are a cost-effective alternative to a traditional point of sale terminal, they are often designed with limited or zero USB ports. This makes it impossible to plug in a barcode reader, which requires business owners to work around the problem with expensive battery-powered, wireless scanners.

Code has a better solution: the T500 Cable.

The T500 enables Code wired barcode readers to communicate with virtually any mobile device, including iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Windows Surface, along with other devices that lack the USB and RS232 ports found on legacy PC-based POS systems. And because the T500 draws power directly from a standard AC wall outlet, battery replacement is a non-factor.

How it Works

Until now, cable options for wired barcode readers have been limited to USB or RS232 communication and were plugged directly into a port on a host device. Because the T500 cable has an embedded modem, when plugged into a Code wired barcode reader and powered on, it allows the reader to communicate to other Bluetooth-enabled devices via radio waves.

Now you can connect your barcode reader to your tablet the same way you would connect your Beats Pill or other Bluetooth speaker to listen to your tunes. You also don't have to worry about recharging the Code reader, because it plugs right into the wall! Nice, right?

When you're ready for a cost-effective, rock-solid solution for wireless communication in your fast-paced environment, the T500 is more than ready to keep up.

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