Track, Trace, and Verify Lab Samples with Code Rea...

Track, Trace, and Verify Lab Samples with Code Readers

Track, Trace, and Verify Lab Samples with Code Readers

In the healthcare industry, tracking, tracing, and verifying lab samples can be a complicated and vulnerable process. With the amount and variety of shipments moving in, out, and about hospitals and labs, ensuring that the correct samples get where they need to be and back again can be difficult and stressful. Utilizing industry-trusted, high-performing barcode scanners and software is paramount for ensuring patient safety and accuracy throughout this process. Code has developed a line of enterprise-level scanning solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your hospital.

See for yourself how Code can help you track, trace, and verify with precision and ease.

Track Lab Samples with Ease

Healthcare providers need to have an efficient way of taking and tracking patient samples. In the fast-paced environment of the healthcare industry, hospital workers need equipment that can quickly and reliably gather information so that more of their time can be spent on diagnosing and analyzing problems. It's also important that samples be taken right the first time. Compromised samples require additional resources and can subject patients to more discomfort, or in extreme cases, create a life or death matter for patients. Code readers ensure that patient samples can be taken quickly and tracked reliably.

Code's disinfectant-ready readers will withstand the harsh chemicals necessary for cleaning and sanitizing. This means that healthcare workers won't have to worry about breaking the reader during sanitation. Nurses and doctors can transport readers in and out of patients' rooms without worrying about bringing harmful bacteria with them.

Trace Lab Samples with Accuracy

Being able to trace a sample from patient to lab and then back to the correct patient is a delicate process. For patient safety, it is imperative that samples aren't misidentified. A patient's entire welfare relies on accurate IDs and the successful match-up between records and samples.

Integrating Code readers into a lab's workflow significantly reduces the likelihood of misidentified samples. Code's Bluetooth-capable readers can transmit data from patient wristbands to devices like a mobile printer without messy cables or cords. Mobile printers can be used to print unique barcode labels for hospital workers to stick onto blood bags, urine samples, and record sheets to trace important information and updates and keep patient information unified and organized. Code readers don't rely on manual entry for sensitive data; instead, they read barcodes automatically and parse the information into simple-to-understand formats for nurses and doctors.

Verify Lab Samples with Confidence

In order to efficiently track and trace lab samples, medical teams need to verify that samples are studied holistically to give patients the very best health recommendations possible. To accomplish this, doctors need a system that categorizes patient information and organizes samples appropriately. Since most of this patient information is highly sensitive and private, the federal government strictly regulates how hospitals keep track of and verify samples. For this reason, healthcare teams have to be extremely meticulous in using equipment and software to protect their patient information.

Code readers allow hospital staff to scan data and transmit it into health information software (for more information on how Code's software solution, click here). With patient information just a few clicks away, nurses and doctors can determine the type and number of samples to take and the results of a sample analysis broken down on a desktop computer or mobile device. Code scanners also adapt to multiple types of health information systems using JavaScript. Scanning, organizing, and reading data doesn't get much easier.

Code readers offer the healthcare industry the best solution for managing data samples. Tracking, tracing, and verifying are integral parts of a hospital staff's daily workflow. Code's line of barcode scanners developed specifically for the healthcare industry make this process smooth, simple, and reliable.

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