COVID-19 and CR1500


Sometimes, pieces of a puzzle you wouldn't expect to make a difference become the key to the solution you need. As the COVID-19 virus has spread around the world, healthcare organizations of all kinds have devoted an increasing number of resources to finding a fast and effective means of testing for those who may have contracted the disease. In a pandemic situation, the faster physicians can properly diagnose and begin treatment, the more human lives are saved. This makes developing an accurate and reliable test for the novel coronavirus a high priority.

A world leader in molecular diagnostics, and strategic partner for Code Corp., is on the frontlines of this important task with one of the first rapid, near-patient point-of-care molecular tests for detecting the COVID-19 virus. A critical component of their testing system is Code's CR1500, an image-based barcode scanner specifically designed for the needs of the healthcare community. For this new testing system, the CR1500 is tethered to the analyzer developed by our partner. The scanner is used to identify the correct assay and patient, helping to match and track the test and materials throughout the process. Code's scanner and custom-tailored software ensures that the data scanned provides immediate and accurate results.


Code and their CR1500 scanner were chosen to be part of the testing system for a number of benefits and technologies deemed necessary by our partner. Among these is the use of CodeShield®, a proprietary plastic capable of withstanding the harsh disinfectants and cleaners necessary in today's hospitals and healthcare facilities without risk of degradation. This material will not crack over time or be at risk of damage even with repeated cleanings throughout the day.

In addition to industry leading scanning technology, Code's capabilities for customization and their strategic approach to OEM relationships were also imperative in choosing Code as a key partner.

Code ensures seamless, reliable and consistent integration of the scanning systems needed to support the rigorous requirements within the FDA environment. For essential healthcare data such as this, there is no room for error.

As healthcare evolves during this challenging time, choosing the right partner and product can mean the difference between saving lives and wasting time.


Additional considerations for choosing the CR1500 included its ergonomic qualities: the unit is lightweight, easy to handle, and fits well in the hand. It is also durable, withstanding drops and bumps without damage to the scanning mechanism or glass. With an IP65 rating, the CR1500 is water resistant and can be rinsed under a faucet if needed. The barcode decoding speed is industryleading fast and provides first-time, every-time accuracy. The image-based reading ensures that the scanner will be as effective in the future as it is when it first arrives.

Finally, according to our partner, the choice to go with the CR1500 was also based on Code's responsiveness and flexibility. We make sure that your questions are answered and that you have access to any help you might need. We're building relationships, not just selling scanners. We strive for long-term partnerships that help your business be more successful.

At Code, we are honored to be part of a solution to the growing concern about the COVID-19 virus. Innovation and problem solving are fundamental to our corporate philosophy and are values personified in each of our employees. We welcome the opportunity to work with other partners to resolve challenges facing our world. If your company is looking for a data capture solution to improve processes, workflows, or technology, talk to Code and let us put our team to work for you.

To learn more about the value of partnering with Code, call us at 801-495-2200. We welcome the chance to show you what we can do.

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