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Warehouse environments are challenging on their best days. The movement of people and products can be chaotic, and identifying what has arrived and where it belongs can often create situations that are ripe for mistakes and slowdowns. Chaos unnecessarily costs warehouses and vendors money for lost product and time.

Warehouse staff must be skilled multi-taskers to stay ahead. Imagine holding a scanner in one hand, clipboard in the other, and having to run back and forth between the warehouse shelving and a computer. Now imagine the severely diminish productivity. Contemporary warehouses are always on the lookout for tweaks that minimize mistakes and improve productivity. Additionally, they need technology that fits seamlessly into their workflow without adding to an already complicated set of tasks.


Remember the old sci-fi movies and TV shows where characters had remarkable, futuristic equipment that responded to voice commands or scanned the surface of an alien planet and provided immediate, life-saving information? It’s not science fiction anymore. While we may not be using it for exploring new planets, the technology exists to accurately scan barcodes and equipment by just looking at them—no handheld barcode reader necessary.

Iristick, a technology company headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, has created a futuristic product that meets today’s needs. Iristick products envision a future workforce not tied to a desk or tethered to a computer and offer top-notch tools to reduce errors and increase productivity for workers. The company’s mission is to design, manufacture, and support smart safety glasses for industrial purposes such as scanning, inventory counting, and warehouse logistics, among others. With software partners like Code, they endeavor to deliver the highest quality solutions for remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance, and pick-by-vision barcode scanning.


One of the most important process components in the logistics system is order picking. This step is often slow and labor-intensive as the data from each item needs to be recorded individually. Employees typically have to put down their tools, retrieve the handheld barcode scanner, and scan each item. They then have to transfer the data to a computer, laptop, or tablet to ensure the scanning was completed. The process can be hindered by employees being unable to reach barcodes on products or inventory in hard-to-reach areas or by cumbersome equipment which further inhibits productivity.

smart glasses augmented reality overlay for field services
Field Service Technicians can stream live views to other techs for remote assistance.

With Iristick eyewear, employees in the field can connect in real-time with remote experts, zooming in on the smallest details, increasing the speed, accuracy, and productivity for employees and the organization overall. The safety glasses are fully compliant with eyewear safety requirements and are specifically designed to operate reliably for an entire shift in harsh industrial environments. Iristick offers a line of protective eyewear that that also features a central camera for powerful optical zoom, voice commands, and premium barcode scanning powered by Code’s CortexDecoder SDK.

As an added feature, the glasses also offer an adjustable display that provides information and visuals to the wearer, an integrated speaker and microphone, an imager that can scan, take pictures, capture video, and includes a laser pointer and flash LED. This is truly cutting edge for both eyewear and warehouse workflows.


The Iristick eyewear gives employees the ability to scan multiple targets and to move through inventory or parts with quickness and accuracy without a cellphone, tablet, or handheld scanner. Using Code’s CortexDecoder SDK solution, these safety glasses are the ultimate mobile barcode scanning technology. Imagine a warehouse where employees can scan barcodes from a distance and use voice commands for clarification while having both hands free to continue performing critical tasks. Powered by Code’s CortexDecoder, this isn’t science fiction anymore, it’s science fact.

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