Mobile app uses barcode scanning to streamline healthcare.

Dryrain's Enhanced Browser for Expanse EHR makes medical data mobile.

Four leading healthcare tech companies collaborate on app that reduces errors, fortifies patient safetyIn 2020, preventable medication errors affected over 7 million patients, costing some $20 million in America alone. Although seemingly unthinkable in a tech-heavy society, all it just takes are a few transposed letters hastily written on a patient's form for the incorrect medication to be dispensed.

Medication errors are pervasive, creating industry-wide problems that no tech company can address alone.

A quartet of companies collaborate for patient safety
Collaboration is uncommon in the healthcare and tech sectors because many companies are reluctant to share intellectual property. However, the challenges facing healthcare today are dire as the coronavirus continues taxing healthcare systems.

This strain spurred the four companies below to leverage each others' expertise.

  • MEDITECH: This health IT leader empowers caregivers and patients with the award-winning Expanse Electronic Health Record (EHR) mobility software.
  • Dryrain Technologies: An independent software vendor (ISV) focused on building a mobile future by developing software and smartphone apps.
  • Code Corporation: This scanning and data capture specialist creates barcode readers and offers the CortexDecoder a software development kit (SDK) used by OEMs and app developers to add camera-based barcode scanning to devices.
  • ACS MediHealth: A MEDITECH Mobility Solution collaborator specializing in mobile software productization, sales, and support for MEDITECH users.

The goal: Provide MEDITECH users with new technology focused on ease of implementation, intuitive operation, and error reduction in any care setting.

The result: Dryrain Enhanced Browser for Expanse, a mobile barcode scanning and patient information app that tightly integrates with the Expanse EHR platform. Device agnostic, the Enhanced Brower is available via Apple's App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

MEDITECH's Expanse EHR is industry-awarded for usability.

The Dryrain Enhanced Browser streamlines patient care (and helps prevent errors) without requiring additional hardware. An Expanse EHR user, such as a nurse, uses a smartphone to scan a patient's wristband or medication. The Dryrain Enhanced Browser:

  1. Eliminates the hunt for, and selection of, the appropriate field on a small smartphone screen before scanning.
  2. The app also eliminates the need to manually enter any scannable data.
  3. The app automatically sends barcode data to the right place within Expanse EHR, eliminating input errors.
  4. Dovetails with the MEDITECH Expanse EHR platform. All patient and medication data is transferred instantly to the proper input field within Expanse.

Making Medical Tech More Mobile
More than 2,300 healthcare organizations worldwide rely on MEDITECH Expanse to treat thousands upon thousands of patients. Expanse's popularity made it the perfect venue for a new app that focuses on expedited workflows and increased accuracy.

What's behind MEDITECH Expanse's popularity?
Expanse is a mobile platform that's also the market's first completely interoperable, web-based EHR. It provides caregivers with access to a patient's medical history using a "one chart" approach. Integrating comprehensive patient and treatment data into a mobile device improves treatment quality while increasing efficiency and lowering healthcare costs. What's more, Expanse readily integrates into any care setting from a rural clinic in America's Intermountain West to private hospitals in Australia.

Expertise Enhances Expanse
To create an app that complements the Expanse EHR platform, each firm built upon one another's strengths.

MEDITECH to Dryrain Technologies
Recognizing Expanse's potential for error prevention, MEDITECH sought Dryrain Technologies' experience.

  • Dryrain has a well-established reputation for creating user-centric mobile apps they provided seamless browser integration with Expanse EHR.

Dryrain Technologies to Code Corporation
To provide the near-zero-miss scanning that time-pressed Expanse users need, Dryrain tapped Code.

  • Code's CortexDecoder SDK allowed Dryrain to integrate powerful barcode scanning into the app that's fast, accurate, and reliable.

ACS MediHealth to Market
As MEDITECH's preferred partner for mobile devices and solutions, ACS MediHealth led the app's launch.

  • ACS finalized Dryrain's and Code's contributions for deployment. Its extensive track record in healthcare technology sales made it ideal for providing user support.
The Enhanced Browser is user-friendly.

Enhanced Browser for Expanse is Ready to Roll
According to Dryrain director Geoffrey Gelay, the Enhanced Browser app shines in ease of implementation; full-scale rollouts occur in "hours, not days."

But the Enhanced Brower's benefits go beyond speedy implementation.

The new app expands access to quality healthcare by leveraging Expanse EHR to provide small and medium-sized communities with the same mobile resources as those found in metro area hospitals. The Enhanced Browser conveniently and consistently supplies accurate information to healthcare providers and patients. Making health data available to patients empowers them to take an active role in their own healthcare.

Springing from the collective efforts of MEDITECH, Dryrain, Code, and ACS MediHealth, what impact will the Dryrain Enhanced Browser have on healthcare?

"Simpler, more accurate scanning of medications, patient IDs, and other treatments means cost savings to patients along with fewer risks," explains Kent Hansen, Code CEO. "We are excited to join with Dryrain, MEDITECH, and ACS MediHealth to help get this technology into even more hands."

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