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The new year is almost here, and we are looking to move out the "old" and focus on the “new”…

Starting immediately and running until December 31st 2021, or until our stock is gone, we are blowing out our remaining stock of CR2600 devices and putting an extra $16 in the selling reps pocket.  If you need CR2600s, you've got to ACT NOW. We are down to under 800 units of ONE SKU for our CR2600.., and we want them gone by the end of the year to make room for our other products. We're sweetening the pot to say goodbye to one of our best selling products ever.  Earn a SWEET $16 rebate back on each CR26012-PKCMU sold.

This promo is good until the end of 2021 or until we are out of CR2600s...  whichever comes first.


Who can receive this SPIF?Only approved and allowed reseller and other channel partners reps can receive this SPIF, we happily comply with all partner  specific rules regarding SPIFs
How do you claim your SPIF payout? You must submit your sale to us via the form below. 
When will awards be paid?Will be paid within approximately mid-January
What products are eligible?Only  CR26012-PKCMU SKUs are eligible. 


Terms & Conditions:

  • $16 per  CR26012-PKCMU SKU sold
  • All qualifying sales must be submitted via the form below
  • No minimums or maximum number of units sold, but when stock is gone, it is gone!
  • Will be paid approximately mid-January
  • Promotion is subject to change at any time, for any reason as decided by Code
  • Code defers to the individual reseller and other channel partners company's rules and requirements for permission to incentivize reseller sales representatives
  • Ends December 31st 2021 and sales much be completed prior to the promo end


Questions? Contact Jen Vinson at
 [email protected] 
or 801-243-7397

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