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Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s showtime, and we want to make you a #ScanWithCode star!

What’s #ScanWithCode?

It’s your shot at fame—and a free Apple iPad—from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24. 

In the #ScanWithCode promotion, Code’s EMEA partners, customers, and users are invited to share videos on LinkedIn of Code hardware (e.g., Barcode Readers) or software (e.g., CortexDecoder) conquering data capture challenges. An example: this simple yet creative video of a barcode on a beef stick.


Why share?

  1. Show & Tell: EMEA is a hub of innovation—take pride and inspire others!
  2. Networking: Tag @Code Corporation in your LinkedIn video post and #ScanWithCode. We will share your video with 6,600+ others who might need exactly your solution or a new partner. 

How to participate

  1. Download our free demo scanning app, CortexScan on either the Apple App Store, GooglePlay or Microsoft Store.
    1. Apple App Store
    2. GooglePlay
    3. Microsoft Store
  2. Create and record a short video that shows Code's CortexDecoder scanning a barcode* that you think might be hard to scan. You are welcome to use Code's free Demo app CortexScan, or your own hardware or software that employs CortexDecoder on the backend to decode barcodes. 
    1. Hard to scan barcodes may be damaged, faded, incomplete, oddly shaped, very tiny or very large, poorly printed or any other reason that may make scanning challenging. 
  3. Post your video on LinkedIn, tag @Code and use #ScanWithCode hashtag before the 24th of December 2021
    • The winners will be selected by a Code jury and will evaluate two criteria:
      • complexity of the barcode (low contrast, damaged, dark environment, DPM Code, datamatrix, etc)
      • creativity of the video and the barcode
      • The winner will be announced at the beginning of January, 2021 and will be sent the price after.

Who can participate? 

  • All registered Code customers in EMEA 

What can you win?

  • Apple iPad

Example of a video:


 Terms and Conditions

  • Use any Code’s hardware or a mobile device powered by CortexDecoder to scan barcodes. This can also be a free Code’s demo app - CortexScan
  • Valid in EMEA only, for Code's EMEA customers
  • Incentives program is subject to change at any time, for any reason as decided by Code
  • Code reserves the right to use your submitted video for some future promotional content 
  • Promo begins December 1, 2021, and ends December 24, 2021

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