Conversion Plate CRA-MB8

The CRA-MB8 is a conversion plate for customers that have the CR2600 charger mounted to the (CRA-MB8) wall-mount bracket and would like to upgrade to the CR2700.

Product Models: CR2701-100, CRA-MB8
Categories: Brackets
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With this conversion plate, customers can mount CR2700 chargers (CRA-A270 or CRA-A271) with the CRA-WMB1 used for mounting the CR2600. The conversion plate mounts to existing brackets, eliminating the need to replace them when upgrading from the CR2600 to the new and improved 2700. With the conversion plate installed, your new 2700 will be wall mounted—and can even scan while in the charger. The plate can be mounted on the left or right side of a flat-screen monitor (up to 27” in size). It ships with 2 flat-head screws for mounting. The plate is made of powder-coated sheet metal and is strong and durable.

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