CR2600 B5 Quad-Bay Charger CRA-A106


This product has reached the end of its life. It is now considered technically discontinued and will go through a process of being phased out over time. For additional information read the official EOL Product Bulletin and our official Press Release.

The Quad-Bay Charger CRA-A106 is designed to charge up to 4 CR2600 B5 battery cartridges.

Brand: CODE
Product Models: CRA-A107, CRA-A108, CRA-A109
Categories: Power
Manufacturer: Code Corporation
Item Condition: NEW
Availability: In stock
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This new charging station is compact, durable, and features individual charging bay status LEDs. 

US Power Supply CRA-A107

UK Power Supply CRA-A109

EU Power Supply CRA-A108

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