CRA-B27 CR2700 Battery

The B27 lithium-ion battery powers the CR2700 reader with a unique set of features that keep workflow interruptions to a minimum.

Product Models: CRA-B27
Categories: Power
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This battery features an intuitive power gauge that shows battery status every time the reader is triggered to scan, or the power gauge button is pressed. A nurse will never need to guess whether the battery will last through a shift. When the battery is running low, a quick-release latch allows for toolless swapping with a charged battery. To proactively manage the life cycle of the battery, the B27 accepts an easily accessible date code to track deployment date or warranty service date. Also, battery health information is available to device or asset managers.

The B27 battery can charge while installed in a CR2700 reader—using the inductive charging station (CRA-A271) or in the quad-bay battery charger (CRA-A274). It takes about 3.5-4 hours to charge a drained battery fully.

The CRA-B27 is also available in dark gray to match the dark gray CR2700.

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