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GoCode® is a miniature, two-dimensional (2-D) symbol. Developed to fit within a line of text, GoCode® features a multi-dimensional, adaptable matrix pattern that may be reproduced on virtually any surface.

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With GoCode®, companies can implement a proprietary barcode system. It has many significant advantages over all common linear barcodes and 2-D symbols:

While the implementation of public barcode standards greatly benefits worldwide supply chain operations, it's estimated that 5–7% of all world trade is in counterfeit goods—with a value exceeding $250 billion annually. In the pharmaceutical industry alone, the World Health Organization reports a loss of $10 billion per year. Public domain barcodes have been widely adopted as a cost-effective and efficient way to identify products and streamline the global supply chain. Unfortunately, criminals who counterfeit, pirate, and divert products are keenly aware of this and go to great lengths to replicate barcodes and inject their fraudulent goods into the marketplace. 

GoCode® is a perfect solution to prevent counterfeiting or for applications requiring advanced data security. Because it is a proprietary symbol, it is utilized by companies that benefit from having their own private barcode symbology. GoCode® cannot be decoded or copied and is a perfect solution for counterfeiting problems. 

Our customers also use GoCode® when they need data-capture with bulletproof security.  GoCode® may also be created with user authentication features—so critical or sensitive data may only be read by approved readers. One example is in the vendor credentialing process for healthcare environments.

GoCode® outperformed all other 2-D symbols in USAF-conducted harsh-environment testing. The multi-resolution matrix allows for critical data to be retrieved even from the most damaged symbols. GoCode® also uses sophisticated error correction algorithms to keep 100% of the data intact—even if more than half of the symbol is damaged.

GoCode® uses a proprietary, ultra-efficient data compression technology that enables it to be the only 2-D symbol that can operate within the space constraints of standard text. Developed for use in print media, GoCode® may be optimized for 100% readability at extremely small sizes.

If your application has size restraints, GoCode® is the most customizable symbol and will hold more data at small sizes than any 2-D symbol.

Your Custom GoCode® Solution
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