Making Data Capture Fit Your Workflow


Join thousands of organizations around the world who trust Code to streamline workflows in the most challenging environments. Put your worries behind you—Code's unique solutions address concerns about sanitization, durability, and battery life.

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Near Zero Miss (99.9995%) accuracy has brought thousands of businesses in 100 countries the reliability and speed they need to keep their workflow flowing.

  • CATEGORY: Exclusive Technology

CodeShield® Plastics offer superior protection against harsh chemicals at 3 distinct levels. These levels provide the ability to quickly select the Code reader that best suits your use case, environmental requirements, and desired level of infectious disease control.

  • CATEGORY: Product Build Material

Many Code readers combine bar code reading with an easy-to-use JavaScript-based application programming interface (API) that allows you to decide where your data is channeled.

  • CATEGORY: Technology

Code's Patented Dual-Field Optics allow quicker scanning of barcodes of all sizes.

  • CATEGORY: Patented Technology

Patented Beyond Glare Technology reduces glare to increase contrast for barcode reading—making decoding barcodes on shiny surfaces quicker and more reliable.

  • CATEGORY: Patented Technology