We are barcode decoding experts.

Solutions for OEMs in Both Software + Hardware

If your project requires enterprise barcode scanning and data capture capabilities, then Code can help you. We have partnered with thousands of enterprises and engineers across the world.

Our solutions include handheld scanners, scan engines, and our innovative and powerful decoding software, CortexDecoder®—available in multiple SDK configurations to fit your project.

Code has more than 20 years of experience delivering purpose-built data capture and barcode scanning solutions to OEMs, enterprise application developers, consumer apps, and fast-paced industries.


Epic Rover and Code Partnership

Code's scan engines combine advanced imaging technology with outstanding features for the healthcare environment. The patented anti-glare technology, dual-field optics, and fast reading of all 1D and 2D barcodes are why Code is a technology leader in this environment. These engines are compact and sized ideally for integration with multiple medical OEM product platforms.

If you have an OEM device in your medical lab, you need scanning you can trust. Every scan in healthcare is mission critical, which is why you need Code.


Tack and trace

Code's OEM solutions allow people to enter your event, buy groceries, or redeem coupons with ease. Customers can scan and go for ultimate convenience—increasing customer satisfaction and streamlining transactions.

Thanks to their aggressive decoding capabilities, Code's scan engines are unmatched in scanning performance. Whether it be scanning a mobile screen, a dense barcode, or one that is damaged, Code solutions can handle adverse conditions no other solution can. Motion detection, continuous scan, and omnidirectional scan features combined with their compact size make Code scan engines ideal for self-service kiosks and terminals.


Have a mobile computer system that could use built-in, high-performing scanning? Code's aggressive scan engines may be small in size, but they offer huge functionality.

For integration, a variety of mounting options are available, including tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets for both the scan engine and the decode board. Code engines also draw significantly less current and enter low-power standby faster than any other imaging-based scan engine. These two items are critical to effective mobile device integration—better power management from the imager equates to longer battery life for mobile devices.

Purpose-built scanning functionality = true flexibility.

  • Market-leading performance on the widest variety of barcodes
  • Easy integration with apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices
  • Enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality for OEM developers
  • Comprehensive support from barcode industry experts

Our flexibility to provide solutions that fit your needs is one factor that sets us apart in the marketplace. Explore the hardware and software sections below for more benefits of working with us.

Manufacturing Products

The Code Difference

Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into virtually any product. Code readers scan barcodes and optimize workflows that other brands simply can’t. Looking for an engine designed, engineered, and created to give you the advantage in scanning? Welcome to Code.

Ideal for Your Ideas

Whether your product is a purpose-built barcode reader, smartphone, scan engine, kiosk, mobile computer, or any other device with a camera, our software and scan engines can be leveraged to give you the edge. Code's enterprise-grade performance overcomes the scanning challenges of barcode reading and data capture found throughout many industries.

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