Code’s Channel Partner Program Offers ISVs and VARs the Best Barcode Scanners and Support.

Channel-surfing: the Expanded Code Alliance Program

Barcode Scanner OEM Simplifies and Strengthens its Channel Partner Program

IT Resellers, your regularly scheduled program is canceled. Code’s changing the channel with its significantly revised Code Alliance Program.

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VARs: Build business with Code Corporation's Barcode Readers.

Code Corporation, the Utah-based maker of award-winning barcode readers and the CortexDecoder SDK, stripped out much of the complexity dogging typical programs.

For instance, market development fund requirements and partner classifications are streamlined to accelerate reseller profitability.

"For example, all partners have the same discount level—you’re either in or out," explains Emily Scales, Code’s Sr. Channel Marketing Manager. "It’s simple, and there aren’t as many rules as other programs; we trust our partners by making sure the right ones are in."

Streamlining is just the start, adds Garry Lang, Code’s Strategic Channel Manager.

"Flexibility is big," he says. "There are larger OEMs, but with those programs, it’s often 'their way or the highway.’ Code works with partners on special product configurations, marketing, and end-user support."

Making Less into More
Scales and Lang, long-time channel veterans, sought a frictionless experience by targeting industry-wide shortcomings for a program with:
1) Less-restrictive qualification and retention policies.

2) A liberal demo policy (not a limited demo allowance or percentage off).
3) Deal registration protection.
4) More sales support, e.g., turnkey marketing and social media, training, and MDF flexibility.

Finders, Keepers
Code’s program has distinct offerings for Selected and National Resellers along with its first ISV initiative:
• Selected Reseller provides multiple VAR levels and nurtures partners working through distribution and has a lower yearly revenue commitment.
• National Reseller incorporates company-specific robust incentives, discounts, training, and marketing support.
• The all-new ISV program recognizes ISVs’ role in the channel.

Within data capture, ISVs help ensure a barcode scanner is compatible with existing software (either the ISV’s software or an end user’s own) by working with an OEM’s engineering or support teams.

"ISVs are a huge partner of the channel and influential when end-users make decisions," Scales reasons. "The ISV program recognizes the work of ISVs and compensates them when they bring in deals."

Lang added, "It’s like we’re offering the ISVs a finder’s fee."

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Talkin’ Tech
The Code Alliance bucks industry norms with Code’s in-house technical support group.

"Our Salt Lake City-based tech team is highly trained," Scales says. "Other programs don’t always have that because keeping experts onboard is costly, making support a huge Code advantage."

And one with far-reaching benefits. Take the CR2700 Barcode Reader for military hospitals, for instance.

Select Code CR2700 models carry a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification. FIPS verifies that the tested devices ensure security and interoperability through data encryption. This project blossomed from a VAR/OEM partnership and benefitted from Code’s tech support, which provided end-users with Quick Connect QR Codes. When scanned, these tailor Code’s Barcode Readers for another workflow within the same facility.

"FIPS certification got us into the veterans’ healthcare space," Lang summarizes. "A big part of that success was our partners. The field reps got into the hospital and saw the need, we worked with our valued partners, and the demands started to snowball."

It’s a Data-Driven World…
So data capture can no longer be left to the lowest-cost devices. This mindset guides both Lang and Scales in gauging the fit between Code and potential partners. Pain points are assessed and markets are evaluated because the channel is an extension of Code—visions and goals must sync.

"Sure, we are looking for people to bring us value, but we have to bring it to them as well," Lang reveals. "That’s a strong relationship."

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Carving Niches
Upon launch, three partners—Barcom Inc., GenoFAB Inc., and Vecmar Corporation—joined the Code Alliance, bringing with them untapped niches that have growing data capture needs.
• Tennessee-based Barcom makes "IT work" for industrial firms with data and warehousing solutions, including robust barcode scanners, data capture software, and more.
• Colorado’s GenoFAB is a laboratory management expert that supplies data capture devices and barcode scanning software for science-driven firms tracking assets and charting research.
• Ohio-based Vecmar is a B2B specialist supporting healthcare and financial firms with new devices, e.g., barcode scanners and IT peripherals, refurbed hardware, and maintenance.

Scales and Lang affirmed that these diverse new partners represent growth and net new business.

"They all serve great niche markets that align with Code’s business goals," Scales remarks.

Emails ≠ Relationships
Code created a Partner Portal with exclusive resources and a new learning management system to foster relationships. Scales also humanized Code Alliance to nurture the trust that builds business. Beyond social media and marketing materials, the unique program routinely hosts contests and giveaways, such as Super Bowl Squares and tech trivia.

"The goal for Garry and I is becoming the 'go-tos’ for partners," Scales concludes. "We need one- on-one relationships because people sell who they know and trust—automated email is not a relationship."

For more information on the Code Alliance or Code’s data capture solutions, contact or 801-495-2200.

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