Digital Data Security–Meet GoCode®

Digital Data Security—Meet GoCode

It's important that every aspect of your business is secure, even down to the barcodes. You wouldn't keep your retail doors unlocked overnight so anybody could just stroll in and steal all the merchandise or leave your cash register open and unattended, correct? What about patient information? Those little barcodes are a goldmine of information not only important for helping us do our jobs faster and more accurately but they can also pose a security issue. So why would you use a barcode symbology for sensitive data that anybody could copy/read?

By definition, security is the state of being free from danger or threat. Everyone uses security measures to make themselves, their families, their information, and their belongings safe. And businesses should be doing the same with their barcodes!

Did you know that there is a way to utilize a secure barcode that cannot be decoded or copied? Crazy, huh? Code offers a secure, unique two-dimensional (2D) barcode symbology called GoCode®. If you have a company that is at risk of counterfeiting problems or that just needs advanced security (pharmaceuticals for example), then GoCode might just be what you have been looking for.

Utilizing the GoCode barcode symbology gives the company the benefit of having its own private barcode. How? Well, Code developed this symbology to contain an adaptable matrix pattern that can be reproduced on basically any surface. Cool, I know. Plus these barcodes can be made with user verification features, which means the data may only be read by approved readers.


GoCode barcodes have more benefits than just the security (like how your phone does more than just call people). The readability of this code is unparalleled, and as an added bonus it features a multi-resolution matrix that ensures critical data can be retrieved from even the most damaged condition.

One important thing to note, GoCode barcodes are one of the only symbologies that can operate in the spatial confinement of common text, AND they are the most customizable barcode on the market, meaning it can hold more data within its small size than any other 2D barcode. Have I piqued your security-hungry interest?

With the digital world we live in, data security has moved to the top of virtually every companies priority list and efforts to protect important and sensitive information is at your fingertips. The GoCode symbology can keep your sensitive data safe from any eyes that shouldn't have access and all counterfeiting as well as add a level of extra security everyone will appreciate and thank you for.

Visit our website to read more on GoCode or contact us for a demo. For us there really isn't anything more fun then geeking out over digital security and the mighty power of GoCode!

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