Integrating Mobile Barcode Scanning Into Your Busi...
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Integrating Mobile Barcode Scanning Into Your Business Applications

Dec 5, 2018

(NOTE: Former subsidiary TachyonIQ has merged with Code Corporation)

Barcode scanning has become a needed and value-added feature for many popular consumer and employee-facing mobile apps.

Whether users are playing a video game, accessing product marketing or sales collateral, comparing costs in store, tracking assets in transit, or managing inventory in the warehouse, the proper barcode scanner software development kit (SDK) can transform your smartphone into a robust business tool.

Every mobile app that features a barcode scanning option should utilize a barcode scanner SDK that's quick, simple to integrate, and provides the most effective user experience. A barcode SDK will provide an effective scanning solution because employees will be able to use their personal smartphones to run an application with a familiar user interface.

If you are still wondering why you should integrate mobile barcode scanning into your business applications, the information below should help you make an informed decision.

 So, how do you integrate a barcode scanner SDK into your business application and get the most out of it?

Simple! SDKs are widely available and easy to integrate into every platform. However, not all SDKs are equal. You should consider these crucial characteristics of available barcode scanner SDKs before you choose an SDK and integrate it into your business application. Make sure the publishers are reliable and that they own a secure barcode scanner SDK. Security should be your biggest concern. When you integrate an SDK that isn’t coded by your developer or related to your business app, take special care to test its security. Unreliable SDKs might lack security features, which could lead to information loss and possible lost revenue.

Make sure the SDK is light, customizable, and includes maintenance features. You will need these to get a better user experience on your business application and to ensure quality future upgrades.

In a nutshell: The evolution of technology has made it easier for any smartphone to be an enterprise-level barcode scanner. As long as you have a smartphone in your pocket, there is no need for additional scanning hardware, yet you can still scan, read, and collect information from any type of barcode in an instant. Scanner SDKs are here to help you get the most out of the technology available and improve your business, software, SaaS, Apps, and more.

If you don’t know where to start, our team of highly skilled programmers and engineers can help. Interested in test driving our technology–try it out on your most challenging barcodes today. 

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