National Nurses Week 2024: Code Honors Nurses’ Service

National Nurses Week 2024: Code Honors Nurses' Dedication

Why Code Recognizes and Thanks Nurses

A nurse discusses a patient chart with the attending physician.
Beyond traditional care, nurses coordinate interdisciplinary specialists, advocate for and educate patients.

National Nurses Week 2024 (May 6-12) celebrates the dedication that makes nurses the heartbeat of healthcare. Those who’ve rushed to instant care or witnessed tenderness as a newborn greets the world know that nurses’ instincts, education and resilience merit sincere appreciation and recognition. Code thanks the 5+ million nurses tending to everyone in their most fragile moments.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has established May 6 as National Nurses Day and the week to champion nursing. Annually, ANA rallies everyday citizens, healthcare professionals and policymakers around a theme, choosing "Nurses Make the Difference" this year to honor nurses’ spirit of compassion.

Nurses Care 24/7

Nurses’ loved ones will tell you nursing isn’t a job…it’s a calling. These roles require extended shifts, shortened sleep and missed school plays to foster patient well-being.

In recognition of nurses’ around-the-clock care, the ANA coordinated #NursesLightUpTheSky," a campaign to illuminate iconic American landmarks during Nurses Week ’24. This campaign seemingly pays tribute to the Lady of the Lamp — Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, who earned this moniker by using a paper lantern to perform nightly rounds on wounded soldiers.

The Everyday Challenges Nurses Face

Nursing workflows go beyond gingerly checking vitals at night and fastidiously delivering medications to include advocating for accessible care and comforting patients amid injury and uncertainty. Nurses also navigate healthcare systems, input patient care into electronic health records (EHRs) and "run point" for the specialists on interdisciplinary patient care teams.

A nurse meets with an interdisciplinary care team to discuss treatment.
Nurses typically work 12-hour shifts to ensure continuity of care.

Nursing staff drives cross-departmental diplomacy while circumventing the challenges of a typical 12-hour shift, which include workplace safety and staffing shortages. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified these, placing nurses under tremendous physical and emotional strain. Yet rounds continue unabated with reassuring smiles and words of wisdom dispensed at every bedside, demonstrating the determination behind nursing’s call of duty.

Why Code Recognizes and Thanks Nurses

By celebrating Nurses Week, we thank these caregivers who embody selfless service. Whether simply holding a patient’s hand or deftly halting kidney damage via IV hydration, it’s undeniable that nurses "make the difference."

Code recognizes nurses’ vital role in healthcare. To support their mission, we’ve spent decades honing healthcare data capture to achieve worry-free workflows for nurses. Code led the way in EHR barcode scanning software to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of mobile nursing. We also developed industry-exclusive, disinfectant-ready plastic to streamline disinfection protocols, easing one more step of patient care.

Barcode Scanning Helps Nurses with Worry-Free Workflows

Code’s purpose-built barcode readers and data capture software solutions expedite medication administration, enable patient identification and digitalize surgical inventory management. Our development and technology teams intensely study caregiving to lessen stress during every major step of treatment.

A young nurse attends to an adorable infant during a routine physical.
There are dozens of nursing specialties, such as pediatric nurses, dedicated care in every phase of life.

Bedside, nurses have enough to worry about, such as taking samples or educating family caretakers about recovery. This strain led an innovative app developer to study nurses over 12-hour shifts and discover they spend up to 75% of a workday (nine hours!) on paperwork. The developer partnered with Code to create an app that streamlines documentation, freeing up about 25% more time for caregiving. In a similar vein, another software specialist collaborated with Code to create a sample tracking app to ease another mission-critical healthcare process.

Nurses Week is just one opportunity to thank a nurse for all they’ve done for public health and everything they continue to do. From Nurse Nightingale’s data-driven strides to establish healthcare sanitization to today’s nurses supporting healthcare digitalization, nursing shapes and advances healthcare.

Thank you, nurses, for showing us all care and kindness.

To learn more about Code’s dedication to healthcare, please connect with one of our data capture experts.

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