iOS Scanners, Code Mobile Cases Digitalize Nursing Workflows

Mobility for Nursing Workflows: Barcode Scanning’s Role in Healthcare Digitalization

Nursing Technologies Rely on Code’s Data Capture Hardware and Software

The Challenge of Healthcare Digitalization

Digitalization, using digital tools to alter and modernize business processes and models, continues to transform healthcare. This shift involves the integration of mobile health apps, digital communication tools, electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic health records (EHRs), electronic devices, telehealth and telemedicine.

Caregiver holds up iOS scanner in a Code Mobile Case and Battery
Code’s barcode readers, mobile cases and CortexDecoder SDK enable patient care data capture.

Healthcare digitalization supports nurses and hospitals in many ways, including:

  • Increases workflow efficiency
  • Improves patient safety
  • Ensures HIPAA compliance and encrypted data security
  • Enhances digital communication through messaging, video calls and EHRs
  • Enables immediate medical data availability and access
  • Improves accessibility to healthcare professionals' education and training

While healthcare digitalization has (and continues to) improve outcomes, it's challenged caregivers to move on from pen, paper and doctor's handwriting to digital workflows. And the data held in barcoded patient ID wristbands, labels and barcode scanning are driving the change.

The Code Solution

Code Corporation plays a pivotal role in healthcare digitalization by loading patient and medical data into electronic systems via barcode readers and our CortexDecoder Software Development Kit (SDK) on iPhone scanners. Code also protects these devices (also called iOS scanners) that use CortexDecoder with our CR7000 Mobile Case and Battery models.

How Barcode Scans Support Nurses

As the frontrunner in healthcare barcode scanning, Code’s barcode readers and CortexDecoder SDK digitalize healthcare by supporting innovative nursing technologies. One of the most important ways Code’s solutions do this is by serving as keyboards for inputting treatment information, like medication dose and time, into healthcare software via barcode scan.

Medical scanners read the barcodes on patients’ wristbands, IV bags, medications and specimens to transmit patient data quickly and accurately into an EHR. The system then verifies the correct patient, medication, specimen and other vital information for patient safety.

As scanning solutions for mobile workflows, CortexDecoder-equipped iPhone barcode scanners and handheld scanners boost nursing workflow efficiency, increase verification accuracy, and enable nurses to move from room to room easily.

CR7020 is displayed with optional batteries and charger base
The CR7000 cases withstand infection control protocols to protect iOS scanners.

Nursing workflows differ from hospital to hospital, meaning medical facilities have different scanning and data-collecting needs. For example, some nurses might require a wireless handheld scanner, like our CR2700 Barcode Reader, for bedside medication administration, badging in credentials, or scanning patient ID wristbands. Other areas, like the pharmacy or lab, typically opt for a wired barcode scanner, like Code’s CR1500 Barcode Reader, to use as a pill scanner or for documenting and tracing test specimens.

Nurses on the move may benefit from an iOS scanner encased in a CR7000 Series Mobile Case and Battery. This combination can trim hardware costs while streamlining patient care equipment and enhancing mobility, making it essential for many nursing workflows.

Nurses can now rely on scanning capabilities resting in their pockets! However, increased mobility creates a greater risk for patient and caregiver safety as devices travel between patients. Fortunately, Code’s CR7000 Series eliminates this risk by meeting clinical sanitization protocols with exclusive CodeShield® Plastics. These specialty plastics consist of dense polymers that the chemicals in hospital-grade cleaners can’t penetrate or crack, which causes premature device failure. The results: far greater longevity than "antimicrobial plastics."

Let’s explore the models that provide complete mobility and patient and employee safety.

Dual Digitalization Solutions: Meet Code’s Two CR7000 Models

Nurses and hospitals rely on the purpose-built Code CR2700 Barcode Reader and our CR7000 models to scan patient wristbands and medication packaging quickly and accurately. With battery backup, protection and disinfectant-ready plastic, any nursing workflow or facility taking a "company-owned, business-only" approach to devices will benefit from our CR7000 Series.

Code’s software solutions, like our CortexDecoder SDK, provide data capture for EMR systems and prominent EHR systems like the Epic Rover. The SDK also supports many innovative healthcare apps. Whether via barcode scanning hardware or software, Code data capture is instrumental in preventing medication mix-ups and updating surgeons, specialists and general practitioners on treatment.

Our two CR7000 models (see below) protect the smartphones running Code’s integrated scanning software. The 7010 and 7020 Series Mobile Case and Battery models offer similar charging features and options, have batteries ready for a 12-hour shift, and withstand infection control protocols.


The CR7010 case is a markedly better option than consumer-grade "protective" iPhone cases. For example, workflow-ready conveniences, like a 2,100 mAh hot-swappable backup battery and a sealable micro-USB port for bi-directional data pass-through, are bundled into Code’s award-winning CodeShield® Plastic. A prime case of form meeting function, the 7010’s design harmonizes with clinical settings while its CodeShield Level 2 plastic holds up to routine sanitization with seven commonly used cleaners.

Smartphone scanner shown with shattered screen.
Code’s cases protect valuable smartphone scanners from drops and other hazards of mobile workflows.


The CR7020 case builds upon the CR7010, offering additional features that serve healthcare settings with stringent sanitization and extensive mobility needs. Crafted with CodeShield Level 3 plastics (a step up from the CR7010), the CR7020 can endure continual sanitization with 20 common cleaners — including some of healthcare’s harshest — without plastic degradation and the subsequent seepage that triggers early iPhone barcode scanner failure.

Additional 7020 features for greater power and protection include:

  • Quick, hot-swappable 2,700 mAh external battery
  • Dragontrail™ screen protector

Code’s inspiration to offer battery backup cases comes directly from healthcare digitalization and the advancement of mobile nursing technologies. With the trend toward mobilization in the workforce, tech stalwarts like Apple have created healthcare-driven divisions. Code supports this mobile market, nurses and hospitals by developing medical scanning technology and complementary hardware — like the CortexDecoder SDK and mobile cases. Whether your healthcare facility seeks hardware or software solutions, you can rely on Code barcode scanning solutions to help facilitate positive patient outcomes.

Protecting your healthcare facility’s iPhone scanners is as easy as contacting Code. Our data capture experts will guide you in selecting the right mobile scanner case to support your healthcare digitalization goals while maximizing your health IT budget.

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