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Our SDK has the ability to transform any business process in any industry with near zero-miss barcode scanning. We love making you look good! Save money by eliminating the need for additional scanning hardware and deliver better barcode reading results using our barcode scanning SDK. That’s right, we said save money!


Code has APIs that allow a developer to simply pass an image and get a decoded result. SDKs are available for iOS, OS X, Android, Linux, Xamarin, and Windows 10 Mobile to ease application development by providing optimized image capture controls to the programmer.

CortexStudio®, a Windows 7 32/64 bit simulator, is also available to aid in development and testing of CortexDecoder® applications.


Code has a history of proven performance and the backing of world-class support. Get up and running quickly, and have confidence that your users will get persistent excellence with every scan.

Embedded/Custom Integration

For custom embedded programming environments or Android OEM device manufacturers requiring custom features, there is the EdgeDecoder®. This flexible software-based barcode scanning system can be integrated into a variety of applications that can consume ‘C’ libraries, and be compiled for a variety of platforms.

Contact us for specific language, platform, or personalized integration support.

Developer-Specific FAQs

Do you only support mobile devices?

No way. Our software has been ported to embedded systems for use in purpose-built handheld and presentation barcodes readers. We also have enabled a variety of PC-based applications. We really are flexible enough for just about any platform.

Can you scan multiple barcodes at the same time?

Definitely. Our software is flexible enough to scan over a hundred barcodes simultaneously, so you can design an application that can quickly read multiple items in a box, on a tray, or on a shelf.

Can you parse driver licenses?

We can parse driver licenses from all 50 states, and you have the flexibility to define the output the way you want it for your application.

Do you license by device, by site, or by enterprise? Can I get an unlimited license?

We have a variety of licensing schemes that we support. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and find the best solution for you.

Can you read from cell phone screens?

Yes. In fact, Code's software mobile-screen scanning performance is market leading—even when the screen brightness is very low.

Do I have to license all symbologies?

No, Code licensing is flexible to fit your application needs.

Will your software decode color barcodes?


Will your software run on my platform?

Most likely. We have ported our decoder to a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Xamarin, and Windows.

Do you have an SDK?

Yes, we have a software development kit (SDK) for a variety of operating systems. REQUEST A FREE 30-DAY LICENSE KEY

CortexScan Demo App

Download Our Demo App

Evaluate the performance of our software decoder on your mobile device today. Click one of the store links below to download the CortexScan demo application.

Request an SDK Today

If you would like to evaluate our software development kit (SDK), please get registered in our developer portal. You may then access the demo version of the SDK for your platform.

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