CR2300 Palm Mountable Charger Modem CRA-A186


The CR2300 Palm Mountable Charger CRA-A186 is a versatile charger/modem option for mounting onto most vertical surfaces.

Product Models: CRA-A186
Categories: Base Station
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With a scan of the QuickConnect Code™, the CR2300, a Bluetooth® barcode reader, establishes a wireless connection to transmit barcoded data to a host device. Once a connection has been established, the paging button can be used to assist in locating a misplaced reader, should it be needed. With an LED charging status indicator, users always know the charge status. In addition, the charger positions the CR2300 to be in easy reach for retrieval.

The Mountable Charger has built-in, threaded mounting holes for easy installation.

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