May 2022

Code Named Most Promising Data Capture Solutions Provider

Read time: 2 min., 46-sec. In a special Intelligent Data Capture edition, CIOReview magazine recognizes Code for high-performance barcode scanning. After interviewing Bruce Scharf, Code VP of product, the tech magazine also lauded Code’s customer-first focus that enabled entire sectors, like retail, to cut through the chaos created by COVID-19.

4Min. Read Time.

Covering the Barcode Scanner Basics

Read Time: 7 min. Our AIDC experts have been asked it all—from, “can a barcode scanner harm you?” to “what is a barcode?” Learn more about the data capture tech and devices that shape everyday life.

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April 2022

How do I Pick a Barcode Scanner for Healthcare?

Est. Read Time: 3 min., 30 sec. Barcode scanners are essential patient care devices. This buyer’s guide helps readers choose between wireless or wired barcode scanners for healthcare. It shares how factors like cost and facility design impact decisions.

5Min. Read Time.

March 2022

Channel-surfing: the Expanded Code Alliance Program

Read Time: 3 min. Code’s Channel Alliance Program cuts through the red tape to accelerate reseller business growth. ISVs and VARs have more product training, greater marketing support, and access to Utah-based tech support to optimize barcode scanners and SDK software sales.

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February 2022

January 2022

October 2021

Building successful public-private partnerships (P3)

Public-private partnerships (P3s) can be tremendously beneficial when managed properly. A meeting of governmental agencies and private firms can be a culture clash, but don’t have to be with these seven pointers. These relationships yield positive outcomes for groups, like Veterans, and unique products like the FIPS-certified Code CR2700 Barcode Reader.

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September 2021

August 2021

July 2021

QR Code: The Comeback Kid

Back from the brink of obscurity, the QR code is changing how we shop, eat out, and even visit the doctor. Read why the QR code was invented and what it’s for.

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June 2021

A Brief History of Barcodes

Excerpt This 3-min. and 44-sec. read provides a brief overview of the history of the barcode. Springing from a line in the sand (literally) to a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Gum, barcodes (and they data they hold) are a vital part of modern life. Read how barcodes began.

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April 2021

Breaking the Code to Digital Transformation

The popular TEConnect Podcast hosted Code’s Brian Lampright to talk about barcode scanning, data capture, and “Understanding (and Selling) Digital Transformation.” If you’re in tech sales, product management, or sales management, the duo’s podcast should be required viewing to keep you (and your customers) on the right side of the digital divide.

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Reviving retail? There’s an App for That!

The 2020–2021 coronavirus pandemic has pundits and retail analysts asking: Are stores over? While COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing, uncertainty, and lockdown restrictions have dealt a blow to in-store retail, the pandemic is hardly the lone culprit. Instead, the data overwhelmingly points to the advent of eCommerce as the “beginning of the end” for retail. Sure, brick-and-mortar stores are on the ropes, but savvy shopkeepers are swinging back an unlikely ally: barcode scanning.

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Charge it! The Ins and Out of Inductive Charging, Infection Control and Barcode Readers

Infection control protocols common in healthcare and retail take a toll on checkout and patient-care devices like barcode readers. Common cleaners and hospital-grade disinfectants can corrode the metal components used for charging. Inductive charging addresses this by eliminating external metal charging pins, allowing devices to charge via electromagnetic induction. Learn more about why inductive charging makes for better barcode readers.

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February 2021

AutomationDirect Raises the Bar(code) on Data Capture

Industry-trusted Supplier Introduces Code Barcode Readers to the World’s Makers & DoersRead time: 3 min., 26 sec.In New Mexico, a beloved roller coaster propels thrill-seekers through the air at nearly 60 MPH. Meanwhile, in Kansas, a 31-foot tall vertical honing machine benefits from improved cycling time, safety, and quality. And, globally, connoisseurs clamor for sustainably sourced Alaskan salmon.While seemingly different...

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December 2020

CortexDecoder for Secure Epic Rover Data Collection

OverviewCortexDecoder within Epic Rover is a module used to decode barcodes including most 1D and 2D symbologies.  CortexDecoder is the fastest and most reliable decoder available to Epic Rover customers. CortexDecoder does not store or transfer any data to any outside source for any reason—making it the most secure option available. Data StorageCortexDecoder does not contain any type of data storage...

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October 2020

Age-Restricted Product Scanning

Back in the day, when licenses and IDs were made with a laminating machine, almost everyone knew that guy (or maybe you were that guy!) who could convincingly alter a license that could then get under-aged kids into the local bar, or at least let them get one over on the dude behind the counter...

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September 2020

What is Data Capture and How Can it Help You?

Every day, businesses and industry create about 2.5 quintillion bytes of information (that’s 2.5 with 18 zeros). Understandably, many organizations struggle to manage and maintain the data they create. For decades, businesses relied on paper records that were prone to being lost or damaged. Data collection using hand-written forms and manual entry was the standard. But this is both time-consuming...

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So Many Barcodes, So Little Time

Barcodes Shouldn't Make Things Harder For patients who need a blood transfusion, barcode labeling is truly life or death scanning. With so many barcodes to scan on a single blood bag, the process of trying to hide and scan the right ones, in the right order can be very stressful. IV bags pose a different problem, sporting a single white barcode...

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Code Announces the End of Life for CR2600

The CR2600 scanner will be taken out of Code's inventory. The last opportunity to purchase will be February 2021.

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August 2020

Effortless Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanning Delivered With CortexWedge

Actual enterprise-grade barcode scanning from your iOS device with NO integration or hardware? Yes, we can do that. If you are like most of the world, you love your iPhone! These amazing tiny little computers are never far from our hand. We intuitively know how to use them and because of...

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How Speed Impacts the Business Value of Barcode Scanning

Positively Impact Business Value With Premium Barcode Scanning; Over the years, advances in barcode scanning technology have significantly improved the speed at which 1D and 2D barcodes are read. If you operate a business that uses barcodes, you might wonder how much it really matters if a scanner can read a barcode just a fraction of a second faster. Does that...

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July 2020

June 2020

Antimicrobial vs. Disinfectant-Ready

Medical equipment is expensive and it must stay clean. If equipment cannot withstand harsh chemical cleaners used in medical settings, it quickly goes from a patient care investment to an expensive paperweight...

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Five Steps to Evaluating Embedded Barcode Scanning Software

Code’s engineers and customer service team developed this checklist to guide you in choosing your scanning SDK. We have over 20 years of success helping clients implement barcode scanning into manufacturing processes and business applications. This checklist...

7Min. Read Time.

Free vs. Paid vs. Enterprise-Grade Apps

Unfortunately, most free barcode scanning apps struggle with enterprise-grade scanning requirements. Many scanning apps do nothing more than reading QR codes in marketing campaigns...

4Min. Read Time.

Case Study: Healthcare Enterprise-Grade Soft-Scanning

Rush University Hospital implemented Epic’s Rover, with enterprise-grade barcode scanning by Code. With this deployment, they were able to improve the medication administration process to ensure better patient outcomes...

8Min. Read Time.

What Is the Big Scanning Deal?

Scannabis: Barcode Scanner Fit, Form, Function—and TECHNOLOGY. Not all barcode scanners are created equal, plain and simple. So how do you decide what you need? Well, you do just a little bit of research. Before you purchased your business software, safe, processing equipment, and...

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Code Corp and Work Life Balance

We do more than pay lip service to the idea of work/life balance — it’s built right into our policies. In his book Rest, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang explains the science behind the value of rest, work, and play. Work requires creative thought, and in order to think creatively or...

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Cannabis Regulations: They Are Always Changing

California is in the midst of a landmark Cannabis-market regulatory shift. Though few companies oppose the regulation, the problem cannabis companies face is massive with so few labs to test product and such a short time to ensure full compliance there is bound to be millions in product that can’t be sold wrapped in red tape...

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April 2020

Automated Medication Packaging, Meet Zero-Miss Safety Inspector—ZiuZ Medical

Patient safety ranks as one of the most critical healthcare goals. Patient safety includes anything from collecting information to administering the right medication. So many factors contribute to the daily battle for healthcare professionals. Fortunately, ZiuZ Medical has placed the identification and validation of automatically...

6Min. Read Time.

Healthcare Scanning to Save Lives

Sometimes, pieces of a puzzle you wouldn’t expect to make a difference become the key to the solution you need. As the COVID-19 virus spread around the world, healthcare organizations began devoting more resources to testing. In a pandemic, the faster physicians can diagnose and begin treatment, the more lives are saved. This makes developing...

3Min. Read Time.

Improving Manufacturing with Barcode Scanning

Warehouses have existed since the time of Ancient Rome and influenced commerce so much, they remain part of our modern industry. Barcode scanning has existed for almost 50 years, and its value grows with each passing year. Manufacturing relies on this technology for inventory management, shipping and receiving, traceability, and much more. Without barcodes, employees would be calculating...

3Min. Read Time.

Infection Control Protocols Meet the Future of Data Capture

The modern healthcare system features miraculous advancements in technology, treatments, and methods of healing. The equipment used to diagnose and treat patients has changed radically in just the past 50 years. Doctors now can look at the human body in ways that could previously only be imagined on Star Trek. Every day, medical science brings...

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March 2020

Code and Appetize—a Recipe for Success

At Code, we are fortunate to work with a number of partners. They help in providing our scanners and software to businesses and growing our reach across the US and abroad. Working side by side with Code, our partners help us strengthen our place in the marketplace. They create complete, unique solutions to better serve customers and...

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Making the Most of Mobile Barcode Scanning Applications

Have you ever wondered about replacing your dedicated barcode scanners with a scanning solution integrated into a smartphone or other mobile device? Many managers and business owners have been curious about making the switch to mobile scanning apps. Like you, they had questions about how such a transition might work and how it would affect workflows and processes....

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August 2019

Barcode Scanning Data Encryption Brings its “A” Game

Lotteries have been big business for decades, not only in the US, but around the globe. In the US alone in 2016, adults spent $72.7 billion on lottery tickets of all kinds. With jackpots reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars, lottery fever catches people from all walks of life, and people will go to...

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Healthcare Information Systems Joining the Mobile Scanning Revolution

Health Information Systems (HIS) are a crucial aspect of any hospital or health system. Patient information electronic health records or EHRs need to be up-to-date, accurate, and secure in the information system for their health and safety. Any health record is only as good as what information it has and how it is used. According to

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When Is a Phone Not a Phone and a Case More Than an Accessory?

Let's clarify that previous question. First: can this phone scan and record important information about medications, IV fluids, or patient data? Second: can it be sterilized for use in areas with critical care patients? Third: do you depend on your phone as an extension of the quality care you provide? Finally: does the battery on the phone need...

7Min. Read Time.

February 2020

Case Study: SpectraLink

Spectralink is an OEM specializing in wireless communications devices built for use within the four walls of the modern enterprise. As industry leaders and technical innovators, Spectralink offers industry-focused mobility solutions for a variety of verticals. Their devices deliver superior voice quality and consistency using their proprietary Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology creating an end-to-end mobility...

4Min. Read Time.

CortexDecoder: The Must-Have Software for Barcode Scanning Excellence

Nearly everyone relies on mobile phones these days. Companies rely on employees’ familiarity with smartphones, and they take advantage of this trend in their own mobile device workflows. Leveraging the benefits of smartphones in the workplace requires informed decision-making. This becomes especially clear when evaluating and deploying barcode scanning software apps available on the market today....

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May 2019

Digital Data Security—Meet GoCode

It's important that every aspect of your business is secure, even down to the barcodes. You wouldn't keep your retail doors unlocked overnight so anybody could just stroll in and steal all the merchandise or leave your cash register open and unattended, correct? What about patient information? Those little barcodes are a goldmine of information not only important...

3Min. Read Time.

How Code Readers Enhance Inventory Workflows

When you think about your business, what aspects are crucial to its success? Do inventory levels and records keep you up at night? Are you sweating over quality control or turnaround time? A device that can help alleviate these concerns should be crucial to any business. Barcode readers are viewed by most as a single-use device...

2Min. Read Time.

Smart Battery Case: Powered Protection for Patients and iPhones

Code, an innovator in healthcare automation and mobile technology, is shipping the market’s first fully-enclosed battery case for the iPhone 7 and 8. Designed for healthcare, the CR7000 mobile case is exclusively built with PVC-free CodeShield® disinfectant-ready plastics and Dragontrail™ glass. This completely sealed enclosure not only protects the iPhone from repeated chemical wipe downs, but promotes a...

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September 2019

Healthcare Wins and Workflow Solutions Include Code Technology

Where would you or your loved ones be without advanced healthcare technology? For many people, the answer to that question isn’t something pleasant to think about. Luckily for all of us, healthcare practices, procedures, and technologies just continue getting better. Today we see a future where a cure for cancer is within reach. Improved healthcare practices and procedures save...

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May 2020

How to Bring Your Warehouse into the 21st Century

According to historians and scholars, Ancient Romans built the first warehouses around the 2nd century BCE. The largest of these ancient warehouses, called the Horrea Galbae, covered more than 225,000 square feet. Evidence showed it stored grain, olive oil, wine, foodstuffs, clothing, and even marble. These early facilities had thick walls, high windows, and ramps instead of...

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June 2019

Introducing the New Standard for Medical Barcode Scanning—CR2700

When you understand healthcare workflow challenges, when you listen and purpose build a data capture solution to solve these challenges, you must be Code! An innovator in healthcare automation and mobile technology, Code announces the launch of its highly anticipated next generation of wireless handheld barcode readers. The CR2700 is the new gold standard for healthcare barcode scanning, delivering...

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October 2019

Scanning Technology Keeps Law Enforcement Safe

There is no doubt that police officers have dangerous jobs. Every year, communities across the US mourn the loss of the upstanding men and women who serve in public safety roles. A great number of these deaths directly result from accidents that occur as part of a routine traffic stop. According to research by the International Association of Chiefs...

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April 2019

T500 Bluetooth Cable: Pair With Any Mobile Device and Rethink Point of Sale

How do small businesses make themselves shine in the shadow of large retailers? By getting inventive. From promotion to point-of-sale, innovating the way they engage customers, crafting the right customer experience will not only get them sharing your brand, but keep them coming back for more. Instead of using the same old technology, resellers can help their customers by offering...

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November 2018

Bedside Point of Care Scanning

Bedside point of care is an integral part of any hospital stay. Code’s healthcare scanning solutions make just about every aspect of the job easier. From patient safety, comfort, and care...

3Min. Read Time.

Cannabis Barcode Scanning

Whether growing, processing, or selling, barcodes can make your operation smoother. Point-of-sale, inventory management, strains & dosing, access controls, age verification...

6Min. Read Time.

Manufacturing Workflows Should Include Code Tech

The efficiencies provided by a capable barcode scanning solution are numerous and affect almost every aspect of most manufacturing processes. Barcodes can be used to maintain data on supply chains, works in process, product verification, shipping and delivery, track and trace...

7Min. Read Time.

July 2018

Case Study: Automatic Vendor Credentialing

Scan-and-go credentialing has the power to maximize resources, optimize processes, ensure accountability, and take healthcare securely to that next level of efficiency....

4Min. Read Time.

The Hard Facts: Software vs. Hardware

Today, software can turn any mobile device with an embedded camera into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner without any additional hardware or accessories.  How does software compete with purpose-built hardware?

3Min. Read Time.

July 2008

Does the Problem Really Reside with the Barcode Scanner?

Barcodes that are two dimensional, tiny, extremely large, damaged, low contrast, clustered with other barcodes, or of mixed barcode symbologies altogether pose additional challenges. Specific coding and superior scanning technology make it possible for the barcode scanner to...

4Min. Read Time.

December 2018

OEMs Start Building with Code Scanning Tech

Code scanning engines are used by many OEMs in diverse applications such as lotteries, travel ticketing, manufacturing, banking, self-checkout, access control...

5Min. Read Time.

Public Safety Workflow Issues Solved

Barcode scanning takes a task of minutes down to seconds and is a valuable asset to public safety processes. It is now a fixture in cruisers, offices, courts...

6Min. Read Time.

October 2018

Positive Breast Milk Identification: Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) Solution

Legacy Health Systems needed a way to identify Expressed Breast Milk (to ensure milk from the right mother would make it to the right child). Having previously implemented a barcoded Bedside Medication Administration process with Code’s wireless barcode readers, they had the foundation for Code’s Application Engineering...

4Min. Read Time.

December 2019

Algorithms and Data Capture: Why We Hire the Smartest People

The right programming for your scanner can make all the difference. A lot of barcode software has limited abilities. Both the number of readable symbologies and the situations in which they can be read are determined by the reader programming...

3Min. Read Time.

August 2018

The T500 Cable: What It Is and How It Works

The T500 enables Code wired barcode readers to communicate with virtually any mobile device, including iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Windows Surface, along with other devices that lack the USB and RS232 ports found on legacy PC-based POS systems...

2Min. Read Time.