T500 Cable Modem


The T500 Cable enables tethered barcode readers to communicate wirelessly with virtually any mobile device.

Product Models: T500
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Are you working with tablets or smartphones in your point-of-sale or enterprise application with no means of plugging in a barcode reader? Is your kiosk tablet-based, with limited ports? Are you working around these problems with expensive, battery-powered wireless scanners?

Code has a better solution: the T500 Cable. The T500 enables Code wired barcode readers to communicate with virtually any mobile device, including iPad®, Galaxy Tab, and Windows® Surface®, along with other devices that lack the USB and RS232 ports found on legacy PC-based POS systems. And because the T500 draws power directly from a standard AC wall outlet, battery replacement is a non-factor.

Certified for use with the CR1000 and the CR5000, you can now work seamlessly on the mobile device you choose with Bluetooth connectivity.

All purchases are done through one of our many sales partner companies. Code is happy to help consult with you to determine the best partner for your specific needs, project detail and industry.