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Oct 15 2012
2012 - October Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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Most important to Code is providing outstanding service and support to our partners & end-users, which is why Code has partnered with several key premier level distributors. Our relationships with BlueStar, Synnex and Metropolitan Sales ensure that the level of support we provide isn’t compromised.
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Industry Solutions
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Customer Engagement Technology World
November 7th - 8th, 2012
Javits Convention Center,
New York City, NY

*Be sure to contact Code for a VIP Registration Code.

CR1400The CR1400 is a tethered barcode reader that is compact, rugged and features a high performance imaging platform that will improve productivity, speed-up work flow processes and reduce human errors associated with manual data entry, all at an affordable cost.

The CR1400 is IP54 rated, which protects the reader when exposed to dust or water, and the device includes a vibration indicator mode ensuring positive feedback in noisy or quiet environments. The CR1400 can be used in either hands-free or handheld mode and is ideal for applications such as retail/point-of sales, mobile ticketing, mobile couponing, patient safety, pharmacy, manufacturing and more.

eformsCode has developed patented applications that control the logic of how barcoded data is processed, encrypted, displayed and then inputted into enterprise solutions. The programming versatility of Code barcode readers, allows them to parse data from all barcoded government issued identification to quickly populate forms to eliminate data entry errors and enhance the customers experience – to ensure our end-users get the most out of their hardware investment.

We sell solutionsBuilt on a JavaScript platform, Code barcode readers can quickly be configured to meet the demands of any industry application. Our talented application engineering team can develop self-contained solutions or develop JavaScript applications for quick and easy integration of Code readers into any existing enterprise solution - typically at no additional charge to the customer. Additionally, the JavaScript platform allows our partners to create their own protected value add applications - It's what sets us apart. Each customer has a unique application need, some require little application engineering time, others require more, but whatever the needs are we'll help you seamlessly integrate Code readers into your customer’s workflow processes.

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