Code Launches Disinfectant-Ready CR7010 Battery Backup Case to Increase Utility...

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Code Corporation, a global leader in barcode scanning and data capture technologies, today announced it has released the Code Readerâ„¢ 7010 (CR7010) battery backup case. This case is designed for the mobile workforce. It not only doubles the battery life of an iPhone, but also allows for full clinical sanitization protocols without fear of destroying the smartphone with harsh cleaning chemicals.

Unlike most consumer-grade cases, the CR7010 provides full enclosure, which means full protection. For most healthcare and other industry segments around the world such as retail and logistics, mobile soft-scanning is an increasingly vital necessity.

"The CR7010 is perfect for mobile data collection in whatever environment you need it," said Jana Buchanan, Senior Product Manager of Hardware for Code Corporation. "We are excited about expanding our mobile device product line to include options for additional iPhone sizes. This new product line allows us to support our customers with more options, more sizes, more flexibility."

Mobile device barcode scanning delivers expanded efficiency for point-of-care, point-of-sale and logistics teams and extending the durability and longevity of a device helps cut costs and enhance productivity. Because mobile devices used in a retail or logistics settings are handled by multiple employees to scan and manage sales and inventory, they also need to be able to withstand disinfection protocols and occasional drops. The CR7010 provides protection for these and other scenarios, keeping employees and devices safe.

The CR7010 case offers bi-directional data pass-through and an easily swappable, external battery power that more than doubles the life of an iPhone and a flexible battery charging system that includes multiple workspace options. Each battery"™s charge status is clearly indicated, eliminating guesswork.

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