CR3500AV Age Verification Solution Barcode Readers

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CR3500AV Age Verification Solution

Code’s Age Verification package is an ‘all-in-one’ barcode and magnetic stripe reader that does not require a PC, or manual management of data. The CR3500 barcode reader and magnetic stripe reader includes an application that will quickly read and store the data encoded in barcodes and magnetic stripes from any state issued driver license, identification card, or military ID.

Once an ID is ‘scanned’ or ‘swiped’, the identification card holder’s name and age, is viewed on the CR3500’s display screen. All other required data is encrypted and stored in the reader’s memory. Data is time-stamped using an internal real-time clock, protected and automatically deleted after 7-days.

Data captured can be stored in the barcode reader or downloaded via USB cable. All scanned data files are stored in non-volatile flash memory and are maintained in the event of a power loss.

Enabled for both in-stand and out-of-stand operation the CR3500 can be used as a wireless hand-held and fixed presentation reader. This lightweight, comfortable and easy to use solution is future-proof and the most cost-effective age verification solution available on the market today.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reads all state issued driver licenses, valid state issued identification cards, and valid military IDs
  • Alarm will sound if patron is underage
  • Vibration feedback for noisy environments
  • Both fixed and portable operation
  • No monthly software fees
  • 2-year standard warranty covers manufacturing defects
  • Ships with a worksheet for tracking IDs that cannot be read electronically
  • Optional CR3500 Premier Service Plan for Age Verification that includes
-  Free software updates
-  Covers abuse and accidental damage with $99 flat-rate replacement of unit
-  Replacement shipped within 2 business days
-  Period is a full 2 years from date of purchase