August 2021

Mi Tienda Pequeña

Read time: 3 min., 35 sec. Many tienditas (aka proximity markets) don’t have Internet; a savvy use of Code’s CortexDecoder and offline barcode scanning helps deliver Danone products to Mexico’s mini-marts.

Do You Recall...?

Read time: 4 min., 14 sec. imZERT direct part marking tech that uses nanostructures to barcode plastics and elastomers for traceability.

Augmented Reality App, CaptureID, Uses Real-Time Data for Better Real-World Results

Read time: 3 min., 19 sec. There’s no question, Augmented Reality (AR) has beamed directly from science fiction into daily life. Once a mainstay of entertainment and shopping apps, German software specialist P4IT uses AR to modernize work with CaptureID. A first, the CaptureID mobile app pairs AR with barcodes. When users scan a barcode, they get an overlay with real-time information, such as instructions or inventory levels. A unique blend of the real and virtual worlds!

Iristick: Smart Glasses Built for Every Industry

The Iristick eyewear gives employees the ability to scan multiple targets and to move through inventory or parts with quickness and accuracy without a cellphone, tablet, or handheld scanner. Using Code’s CortexDecoder SDK solution, these safety glasses are the ultimate mobile barcode scanning technology. Imagine a warehouse where employees can scan barcodes from a distance and use voice commands for clarification while having both hands free to continue performing critical tasks. Powered by Code’s CortexDecoder, this isn’t science fiction anymore, it’s science fact.

Çizgi Technology Serving the Greater Good: Self-guidance Kiosks Support Social Distancing in Turkish Hospitals

Driven by the 2020–2021 COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals across Turkey adopted Çizgi Teknoloji’s self-service queue management kiosks—patients scan a barcode to check-in. Installed to minimize opportunities for coronavirus transmission between patients and staff, the kiosks also serve as wayfinders and can administer some test results. Çizgi selected Code’s 8200 Scan Engine to ensure smooth data capture and decoding performance and reliability.

Shopreme: shaping the future of retail with a Scan & Go application and Code’s CortexDecoder

Via Shopreme, users scan & pay via smartphone.Once a convenience for the time-strapped, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led consumers to demand technology that makes shopping safer. This demand has driven the rise of Scan & Go digital solutions that allow customers to scan and pay for items directly in an app and leave—no more queuing up. Shopreme GmbH, a joint venture of wirecube and Umdasch Group Ventures, is a global front runner in mobile Scan & Go solutions, leading the charge with a comprehensive app that fully digitalizes all retail processes to make shopping simple and smarter.Over the past four years, Shopreme GmbH, a software development company based in Graz, Austria, has developed and optimized their Scan & Go app. Replacing checkout stands,  Shopreme consists of native applications for Android, iOS, as well as  web application for large retailers across Europe. Leveraging Code Corporation’s CortexDecoder barcode software, Shopreme delivers a flawless end-user experience. “In 2020, we entered a joint venture with the Umdasch Group that allows us to strategically invest in our solution so that it can easily be adopted by many retailers as it doesn’t need any infrastructure,” explains Nico Müller, Chief Product Officer at Shopreme.Scanning Engine Helps Shopreme Reign SupremeFor Shopreme, a best-in-class Scan & Go application must deliver an excellent customer experience while creating value for retailers. A crucial component of the app is the barcode scanning engine, which needs to perform well in all instances—from an out-of-the-case jar to a bag of chips rumpled by a child.“First, we started using open-source scanning engines, which turned out not;

June 2021

Automated Medication Packaging, Meet the Zero-Miss Safety Inspector

For OEM manufacturers looking to integrate enterprise-grade barcode scanning into their operations, there is a solution that will improve both efficiency and accuracy. CortexDecoder is a high-performance decoding algorithm that works on any platform or operating system and provides the results that will make you wonder why you didn’t make the move sooner.

Spectralink: Enhancing Wireless Communication

CortexDecoder's barcode reading SDK improved the speed of Spectralink’s barcode reading across the board. When challenged with damaged or distorted barcodes, the devices read with zero-miss accuracy at a rate six times faster than the competition. Additionally, CortexDecoder could read barcodes on shiny or reflective surfaces, such as medication packaging or IV fluid bags, as well as accurately scanning in low light or from difficult angles.

CompuSystems: Data capture ahead of its time

When you are the nation’s leading provider of registration services to many of the world’s top event organizers, speed, efficiency, and accuracy are vital to your success. CompuSystems is a registration services provider to events such as CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), the SEMA show (Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association), and E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo). In addition to event registration services, CompuSystems also provides event data analytics, attendance promotion, and event lead management services to the vendors attending the show.These shows can attract between 60,000–175,000 people every year, with all attendees requiring a registration badge, including a barcode that is scanned at various points throughout the show. The magnitude of this undertaking is clear – and it’s huge!

April 2021

Artificially Intelligent: Nomitri Transforms Shopping Carts into Checkout Stands

A Scan and Go first, Nomitri’s Intelligent Shopping Assistant App uses artificial intelligence to turn shopping carts into check-out stands and smartphones into clerks. A shopper slides their smartphone into a cart-mounted cradle, scans items via smartphone camera while placing them in the cart, pays virtually, and leaves. The lightweight app uses Code’s CortextDecoder Software Development Kit (SDK) for accurate, offline scanning—customers don’t need Wi-Fi.

Scan & Go: Mobile Checkout is Futureproofing Retail

For decades, waiting seemed like the most burdensome part of grocery shopping. So a few retail tech experts, app developers, and impatient shoppers formed FutureProof Retail (FPR) to eliminate waiting. The New York City-based firm developed their “Scan & Go Mobile Checkout App.” Billed as frictionless checkout, FPR’s Scan & Go app enables customers to skip lines by scanning items and paying via smartphone. Read how Code’s Scanning Software Development Kit (SDK) helps hurried shoppers skip the line.

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