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January 2024

Data Capture Pumps Up Access Control

Barcode readers and barbells strengthen gym security and revenues thanks to Huzzard Data Systems and Code! This customer success story shares how success in fitness facilities is pushing Code barcode scanners into access control for arenas, churches, universities and more.

4 min., 11 sec.

June 2023

Aerospace Traceability Takes off with the reyda App

Discover how the reyda asset tracking app revolutionizes aerospace manufacturing and reconditioning with real-time track and trace. Aerospace manufacturers are boosting operational resilience and tightening quality with high-performance Code barcode scanning software that scans any barcode type.

3 min., 52 sec.

March 2023

March 2023

Coseco Modernizes Mass Transit Ticket Scanning Terminals

Bus operators contacted Coseco to streamline bus boarding by cutting cash payments for tickets. Coseco repurposed on-bus ticket terminals with Code’s CortexDecoder barcode scanning software to flawlessly scan QR tickets or paper tickets bought at transit hubs. Cutting cash payments reduces theft and increases on-time rides.

3 min., 36 sec.

November 2022

Pharmacode Data Check for Medication Packaging

Est. Read Time: 4 min., 33 sec. 2013: Insomnia meds were incorrectly packaged as diuretics, prompting an extensive recall and investigation into suspected deaths. Elmicron’s Pharmacode Data Check Inspection System prevents mix-ups with the high-speed barcode scanning by Code’s CR5000 Barcode Reader.


September 2022

Fashion, Forward: App Weaves In-Store and Online Retail Experiences to Save the Sale

Est. Read Time: 4 min., 20 sec. Boutiques and local retailers use the Needle app to compete against online, big-box stores. This progressive web app uses barcode scanning to help shoppers in the store find exactly what they want…even if it’s at another store. Retailers get to offer the convenience of online shopping with rapid product fulfillment; and, they cooperate to save the sale.


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