Code Announces New Dark-Grey CR2700 Model

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SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Code Corporation today released a new, dark gray, disinfectant-ready version of its flagship barcode scanner, the CR2700. This change is more than stylistic. The Dark Gray CR2700 is now made using the Level 2 CodeShield® plastic, which provides improved resistance to harsh cleaners and accordingly opens the unit to a broader audience than the original.

The Code Corporation Dark Gray CR2700 is made using the Level 2 CodeShield® plastic, which provides improved resistance to harsh cleaners--perfect for numerous industry applications

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CodeShield plastics are designed to withstand cleaning by the harsh cleansers and disinfectants necessary for eliminating the risks posed by germs and viruses. While Level 3 cleaners are designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities, Level 2 cleaners are designed for a much wider range of businesses, making it ideal for retail, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and other industries. The new Dark Gray CR2700 barcode scanner still provides the high functionality, speed, and accuracy of the original CR2700 and it will stand up to cleaning and disinfecting with a large number of chemicals without the scanner fading, cracking, or showing signs of degradation.

"The CR2700 represents state-of-the-art scanning hardware. By combining it with our Level 2 CodeShield plastic, we are not only making our top-of-the-line barcode scanner available to more users in more industries, we are also helping to immediately improve safety," said Code Corp CEO Kent Hansen. "In this time of renewed focus on employee and customer health, organizations are looking for ways to improve safety without compromising functionality or efficiency. This new offering from Code can help businesses from a number of industries improve their workflows while protecting against the spread of illness."

The Dark Gray joins the CR2700 lineup, which includes a light gray version housed in Level 3 CodeShield plastic to withstand the very harsh disinfectants used in the healthcare industry. The CR2700 product line includes both handle and palm versions in both models.

A free demonstration of the new CR2700 Dark Gray scanner is available by calling the Code office at 801-495-2200, or by visiting Code online at

About Code Corporation

For more than 20 years, Code Corporation has been an industry pioneer, leader, and champion for data capture innovation and has garnered more than 100 patents. By crafting and continuing to perfect its unique decoding algorithms, Code and its line of image-based scanning and decoding technology consistently deliver unparalleled performance companies around the world depend on every day. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of market-leading hardware and software data capture solutions. Code products are not only valued for providing a consistent level of workflow efficiency year after year, but also for their ergonomic design, durability, ease of customization, and seamless integration. For more, please visit

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