Code Corporation Adds Justin Mckelvy to Lead Data and Infrastructure Team

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Code Corporation, a global leader in barcode scanning and data capture technologies, today announced it has hired Justin McKelvy as Sr. Manager of Data & Infrastructure. He will be a key player in the company’s drive toward data transformation and big data while also heading up the IT department.

"Code Corporation has been a leader in data acquisition technology for 20 years," said Kent Hansen, CEO of Code Corporation. "We are extending our expertise into new platforms and processes to enhance how our customers use and benefit from data to optimize their efforts. Justin will be a key player in forging the pathways to enable our big data ambitions, and we welcome him to the team."

McKelvy will help drive the data transformation effort at Code. This will begin with data automation, across platforms and departments. These efforts will help elevate staff out of conducting time-consuming data work and into higher analysis and innovation. This starts by introducing scalable data lake and data warehouse architecture within AWS and by building out robust data pipelines that allow for reliable source of truth metrics to drive business insights with greater detail and speed than the company has before.

McKelvy said, "Our Data transformation efforts will set the foundation for several technologies to begin layering on our collected device data, such as machine learning, which can help drive product enhancement, operational forecasts, and customer analysis."

Prior to Code, McKelvy served as the VP of Technology for ETTMA. He has extensive background in data analysis and system architecture.

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