Code Corporation Announces CortexScan for iOS

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Code Corporation, a global leader in barcode scanning and data capture technologies, today announced it has released an iOS version of the CortexScan app for use with the iPhone® and iPad®. CortexScan is a barcode reading application, which is powered by Code’s industry-leading CortexDecoder technology.

"The iOS version of the CortexScan app demonstrates the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of our world-class barcode scanning technology," said Brian Lampright, senior product manager at Code Corporation. "The app is fueled by our decoding algorithms that are used around the world to decode a wide spectrum of barcode types. This app will open new possibilities for users and developers seeking new and better data capture options."

The CortexScan app can use the camera on an iPhone or iPad to read and decode more than 40 different barcode symbologies using proprietary decoding algorithms. It is organized to help customers evaluate the app based on their use case. The settings for several use cases are pre-optimized for various industries and workflows.

CortexDecoder is an enterprise-grade barcode decoder that is available for virtually all platforms, including embedded systems. Code technology allows users to decode any barcode symbology. It can read barcodes with nearly any print quality, on any surface—including curved or reflective surfaces, at any angle and can even handle damaged barcodes.

Download the CortexScan app for iPhone and iPad here:

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