Code Corporation Launches New Developers Portal

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Code Corporation, a global leader in barcode scanning and data capture technologies, has launched an all-new Developers Portal with a more user-centric design that streamlines workflows. The purpose of the portal is to quickly connect customers to Code’s CortexDecoder software development kits (SDKs), software packages and associated documents, such as licenses.

"Our Dev Portal is a ground-up build that provides a much more robust platform and better user experience," said Brian Lampright, Code’s senior product manager. "The portal’s self-guided nature makes it easier and faster to search for and access SDKs or essential documentation, such as online click-through contracts."

The new portal can also assign SDKs and licenses to entire project groups within a firm. This feature keeps vital members of a core team, e.g., developers, operations professionals and product management, informed about critical license updates. Code’s Dev Portal will also be able to proactively issue other software-related notifications to users, providing a long-requested feature.

Current Code Dev Portal users have been automatically transferred from the legacy portal to the new one, along with all existing login credentials. They will continue to have access to all the software products and SDKs as they did before.

Code’s CortexDecoder SDK enables manufacturers, retailers and healthcare organizations to incorporate enterprise-grade scanning into unique device designs or smartphones. Code’s technology decodes any barcode symbology. It reads barcodes with virtually any print quality, on any surface and at any angle—including curved or reflective surfaces; it can even process damaged barcodes.

Visit Code’s new Dev Portal here:

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