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Bar code readers are viewed by most as a single-use device that reads and transmit bar code data found on product packaging and labels. This theory is correct of nearly all bar code readers found in the market today. Often times in warehouse settings, once products or parts are received and the respective bar codes are scanned, the remaining steps in inventory verification and tracking becomes manual. It does not need to be this way.

Accurate inventory record keeping is crucial to any business. Speed is crucial to any business. Quality control and quick turnaround of products receipt to order fulfillment is crucial to any business. A device that can assist with all these components should be crucial to any business.

Code's bar code readers should be a key component in any business' inventory control process. All of Code's bar code readers are engineered to out-perform and out-read the competitions'. From reading bar codes that are very small, to very large, printed on shiny or curved surfaces to poorly printed bar codes; all foundational hurdles Code has engineered to exceed.

Help with inventory? Check.

Yes, they are bar code readers, but very smart bar code readers. In addition to reading manufacturer's designated bar codes, they can assist in inventory count, inventory location and alert users to when re-ordering or re-stocking is needed. Customization of Code's bar code reader can help simplify the supply chain and distribution management process.

Inventory, It Counts.

Scanning bar codes of incoming items ensures accuracy of product, quantity, price, and if needed, date received. Once scanned, Code's bar code reader can transmit the data into a format specific to the needs of the user, complementing existing workflow. When items are removed from inventory, a simple scan of the bar code will adjust the quantity in the system, resulting in accurate, real-time inventory count.

The advantages: accuracy, speed, effortless tracking of inventory, and minimization of human error.

Location, Location, Location.

How do you sell a product you can't locate? You don't. It is not uncommon to have inventory in numerous locations, but it does add another level of complexity to inventory tracking. This occurs often in mobile service industries like plumbing and electrical, also in less mobile industries like retail and medical.

In the plumbing industry, numerous customer repair calls are being met at once. Therefore it is crucial all field service reps have adequate inventory in their vehicles. By scanning the bar code of the items being used for the repairs, the truck's inventory is quickly adjusted. If an item is running low, they can locate a facility or another vehicle, view their inventory level and head there for restocking. On the human capital management side, Code's bar code can be customized to track the location of employees and the speed in which they are carrying out their responsibilities. This customization can measure the speed in which inventory is being counted, which also provides the location of the employee. Capitalizing on human capital increases the efficiency of workflow, while expanding resources to accomplish other tasks.

Running Low, Need More.

What happens when customers looking for an item find an empty shelf or a repair is needed, but the part is out of stock? Revenue is lost in both situations. Code's bar code readers can minimize these scenarios. In grocery stores, scanning the items before placement onto shelves will help track the inventory on display. As items are sold, and the minimum quantity is reached, a re-stocking or re-ordering alert will be triggered. Satisfied customers mean repeat visits and revenue generation. Product expiration can be manageable. The expiration date of incoming items can be entered while being scanned into inventory. A customized trigger can alert buyers to order additional inventory before the soon to be expired products are removed from the shelves and warehouse. Not only will this ensure sufficient inventory is available, but also ensures the quality and safety of the products sold. Inventory and Success.

A company's supply chain and distribution management process has much to gain by utilizing Code's bar code readers. Inventory count, location and tracking along with accuracy, speed and reliability are all elements crucial to any business' success. Code's bar code readers can help build this success.

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