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Technology has always been a defining factor in business development. The company with the best and most compatible technology leads the market. It is no different in the barcode industry. Barcodes have revolutionized everything from inventory keeping to loyalty programs. With such a great demand for this innovative technology, advances have come to support and simplify the entire barcode experience. For instance, Code is an industry leader in integrating Bluetooth® technology with barcode reading, allowing barcode scanners to be paired with mobile printers.

The ability to scan and print labels and receipts on demand not only streamlines an otherwise bulky workflow but also ensures accuracy and functionality. Mobile scan to print capabilities increase productivity, provide accuracy, and create workflow versatility while meeting consumers mobile expectations. Efficient products (e.g. low power devices) also helps keep investment costs down so a variety of business can take advantage of new technology.


Enabled by lightweight, mobile technology, the applications for barcode scan to print technology are extensive. In the medical industry, for example, barcode based positive identification systems are used for inpatient phlebotomy to ensure patients are properly identified, eliminating lethal mistakes. These systems also help correctly label specimens using handheld computers and portable printers to generate labels at a patient’s bedside(2). Patient driver licenses can now be scanned to quickly, accurately and efficiently collect and print patient data for hospital use. Ticket processing, guest and passenger check in, delivery, and proof of receipt are all examples of scan to print technology that eliminates repetitive steps while increasing accuracy and productivity.


With all the advances in mobile technology, the retail industry is able to avoid mistakes during data entry, increase productivity on the floor, and enhance the customer experience. According to RIS News, "Those who take advantage of the benefits of integrating mobile capabilities into their brand experience will see increased sales and productivity of employees(3)." Code barcode readers pair easily with iOS®, Android™ and Windows® operating systems allowing for seamless integration without additional software. This allows customers to add mobile functionality to their scan to print workflows.


No longer tethered to a station, scan to print devices allow users exciting opportunities to expand beyond the workstation. Through Bluetooth® capabilities Code barcode readers have the ability to transmit encrypted data up to 30 feet to a host computer or system(1). Without the hassle of bulky equipment and cords, labels and receipts can be printed on the spot for a streamlined, efficient process.

On demand scan to print capabilities are accessible for any situation. Whether it is at the ticket counter or the retail sales floor, labels and receipts are available when the customer is ready. Mobile printers are smaller and more convenient than ever before. According to Citizen Systems these devices are "packed with user-friendly features such as quick change, no-jam, drop-in media loading. These portable units deliver fast, on-the-spot service of labels or receipts."


Regardless of its features, a device without power is useless. From plug in chargers to exchangeable battery cartridges, mobile printers are rapidly improving power management capabilities.

Code’s readers have power management technology to ensure work productivity without the hassle of battery outages, bulky equipment, or overly expensive implementation costs. Code’s cabled readers consume very little power, limiting the battery drain on mobile devices, kiosks, and POS systems. This power savings reduces overall costs when deployed throughout an operation. Code wireless readers have replaceable, long-life battery cartridges, allowing readers to be used for more than a complete shift at the highest use rate(1). With these flexible options, there are a Code device and a mobile printer with the flexibility and power needs for any scan to print working environment.


The more impressive a retailer’s use of technology is, the more appealing the retailer is to customers. According to Forrester Research, Inc, "Customer delight creates loyalty, which in turn drives revenue (5)." The mobile print to scan technology has propelled the barcode world to the next level. Code’s Bluetooth® enabled readers combined with unique power solutions and innovative mobile printers have taken once bulky and stationary technology and created sleek, mobile, and adaptive equipment that can be used anywhere allowing the barcode to extend beyond the workstation and into the workplace.

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